i hope i grow up to be like my mother

Tonight my mother put me to shame.

We’d gone into Parikia where they had another another event with music and dancing. This time it was a band and people were welcome to dance.

Naturally my mother was right up front.

I’d gone to meet Petro and a friend, had a drink and a frozen greek yogurt (fat free but yum) and by the time I’d found mom she’d been dancing for about an hour or more.

The woman is incredible. I can only dream to be like her when I’m her age. She’s 82. And the guy she’s dancing with is someone she knew in her childhood. He’s 85.

And just FYI, that wasn’t the end of the dancing. I thought it was and stopped filming. They continued on after I stopped…

Now, tell me you don’t feel a little bit ashamed? I know I do. I got up and had one dance and it almost killed me. Sure, the songs they were playing were actually medley of songs so it goes on forever. And sure, I was wearing croc sandals which kept wanting to come off my feet so I had to dance while gripping them with my toes. But that’s no excuse. My 82 year old mother can out-dance me any day of the week.


2 thoughts on “i hope i grow up to be like my mother

  1. the way i see it i have 17 years to learn how to dance……………. i hope you might not insist on Greek style!!!!!


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