the next best thing

My grandfather used to say the best thing about Naxos is that you can see Paros from there.

If that’s so, then the second best thing has got to be the Mojito Boys!

These guys are pure eye candy. My cousin Zefi sure knows how to run a business. Mmmm-mmm! She hires these guys to work in her bar and they hang out on the beach serving drinks and giving us more mature ladies something to look at besides the endless sand and sea.

I mean, you could get bored of this view right?

Just miles and miles of sand and blue water.

Am I making you jealous yet?

Today some of us had a long day. We chose to go on a tour of Naxos. It was a comedy of errors. Seriously. We got 3 cars and piled in, only to get to the first destination and find the fan in one was broken, the car overheating and losing water.

And that was only the beginning of the adventure!

This may well be the last Campion reunion.  It was a bit like Lord of the Flies without the brains on rock bit.


Anyway, we survived – only cause we split up, each group going to do what they wanted to do. I was among the ‘go back home’ group. I went straight to the beach where I found the ‘stay behind’ group.

A cool swim and some relaxing time enjoying the view of the boys beach and I feel like a new woman.

One thing I haven’t managed to do so far on Naxos is catch up with my cousin and godson Anargyros. Pronounced sort of like Anna and gyros as in souvlaki, with a rolling ‘r’ in the middle to confuse matters.

I got his number from Niko, the head Mojito Boy. Niko approached me on the beach where I was sitting with friends, a bit of paper in his hand, handed it to me and said “My wife will be out tonight. Here’s my number.”

It was the best! 

“Yeah look at me! I can still get the spunks!”

Yeah! That’s right! (And the crowd roars)


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