windmills revisited

This month on Paros there are a lot of events celebrating history and culture. Among the events was the opening of the newly restored windmills on the hill at the end of the ‘paralia’ in Parikia. That’s the esplanade – a road which runs along the sea front full of cafes and tavernas where everyone hangs out at night.

There used to be 4 windmills up there in my mother’s day. One was knocked down to build a house, another has been a bar for quite a few years now – a great place to have a drink and watch the sun set. The other two were falling down till a local council initiative had them restored to their original working order.

There was an ‘opening’ ceremony which included speeches and a blessing from the church. There was meant to be a demonstration of a working windmill where the windmills would work for the first time in 65 years or so.

As is often the case in Greece, plans and actuality didn’t quite come together…

Somebody forgot to tell someone something about it so nobody knew anything and nothing was done.

The entrance of the windmill, ground level is an open area where grain was stored.

A narrow winding staircase leads upwards to the upper levels.

The windmill upper level houses the mechanism which grinds the wheat into flour using the wind and sails.

This was all rebuilt to the original design using recycled timber as much as possible.

A cute little arrow moves with the wind, telling you which direction its blowing in.

The grindstone. Good to finally see what my nose is always pressed against.

Holes in the upper floors provided a way to raise and lower sacks from the top level.

They even stuffed some straw into the gaps in where the ceiling meets the walls to recreate the bird nests.

I adored seeing the restoration. They did a great job and I think its a definite improvement. There are so many abandoned houses here, left to rot and fall down cause the owners either can’t afford to fix them or they died and left them to children who live abroad… or (as is often the case) to siblings who argue and in the end no one gets to use the house.

My aunt Flora told me a new greek joke this morning. When someone disagrees with you or won’t do as you want them to, the new threat is “Do it or I’ll give you a house”…

The joke being that Greece has now introduced taxes and rates and everything so that owning a house isn’t the blessing it used to be.

I dunno. We have to pay rates and taxes and electricity bills inflated by the lovely carbon tax in Australia too… I wish someone would give me a house on Paros…

Maybe I just need to be more annoying?


1 thought on “windmills revisited

  1. Kevin Rudd has just indicated he will remove the carbon tax; did you know ol'Kev is our new PM. Talk about recycle and revamp!!!


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