meeting my cousin niko

Today I met my cousin Niko for the first time. He’s actually my mother’s first cousin so I’m not sure what that makes him to me other than related… 
He’s an artist living on Paros. I’d not only never met him before but I’d never seen his work either. Mom said “you must meet him, he makes things with rocks”.
Niko is actually a sculptor who works with rocks he collects from beaches as well as marble. He told me he got into it gradually, starting off making jewelery out of stones in order to support himself when he lost his job many years ago, then moving on to other items and sort of landing where he is now.
Niko’s been making free flowing, organic shapes out of marble which he puts together using metal, timber and heavy duty fishing line in some instances, to create forms which move and change when you look at them from different angles.
Being a true creative, however, he doesn’t limit himself to his ‘serious’ work. He’s decorated his home with some of his own designs. Like this bookcase. Based on the old ‘student bricks and planks’ idea, Niko created a beautiful bookcase using square slabs of white marble.
Gorgeous, but I don’t think our floors would hold the weight!
He also makes fun stuff like these works of stone, metal, marble and other found objects.
And of course this one, something very close to my heart: a rusty old tin can made into a boat.
Anyway, his work is interesting, beautiful and sometimes quirky and humorous. Just as he is himself. I really enjoyed meeting him and his family and getting to know another creative soul in the family.

2 thoughts on “meeting my cousin niko

  1. Appropriate food 4 thort…………….Kingston Council Art from Trash exhibition entries close 18th August. Some cosmos, some yours/ Belinda v surely.


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