my big diary

This year I decided I needed a bigger diary than I’ve had for the last 100 years.
Up till now I’ve had a Filofax and various variations on the good ol’ A5 sized 6 ring binder diary. It fits into a handbag, its easy to flip through, its portable.
But there are only 2 choices: week at a glance where the amount of space you get for each day is tiny enough that if you could fit everything you needed to do in a day in there, then you really don’t need a diary. Or you can go with day to a page which is better, but if you’re like me and need to be able to picture the whole week ahead of you so you can stress, then flipping pages back and forth just ain’t gonna cut it.
So this year I bought myself a plain, boring A4 diary. Nothing fancy. Just the diary. No pen holders, no business card holders, nothing.
I bought a compendium and put the diary inside – then I had a big bulky heavy briefcase of a diary to carry around, but I had a place to put a notepad, business cards, even a zippered section for money. No pen holder though….
The compendium wouldn’t fit into any of my ‘handbags’ so I started using canvas shopping bags as my work bags. Not ideal.
After I got back from Greece I decided it was time for the compendium to go. I was tired of carrying such a huge thing around… I would manage with just the diary. The plain boring old blue cover diary…
No I wouldn’t. I would fix the diary so it wouldn’t be plain and boring! I did a decoupage kind of thing on it. I used dictionary pages with images printed on them, wrapping paper of different types, some scrapbooking embellishments I had for some reason, and some printed out definitions. These were all leftover bits from previous decoupage projects.
I added a ribbon to it as a ‘closer’ but I didn’t make it long enough so its almost totally useless. I think I’ll go and add a velcro closer as I did to one of my notebooks. That’s working great.
It still lacks a pen loop, but I’ve made up an elastic circle I slip over the diary to keep it closed. It has a little loop in it which holds a pen so it works for now.
Maybe I’ll think of something better for next year.

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