art from trash – the plastic fantastic chandelier

I’ve been trying to post a bit more often, like I used to, but you know how things go. You work, you get home tired, you work more at home, you make stuff to sell, you groom dogs, you clean house, wash clothes, think about mowing the lawn…
Then you have to attend functions and exhibitions where you win 1st prize…
Yeah! You heard me!
I won first prize at the Kingborough Council Salvaged Art Competition!!!!!!!!
This is the winning entry as it was when I was putting the finishing touches on it at home in the living room. I’d put a hook in a beam on the ceiling and one of us or one of the dogs would brush by and it would make hollow plastic clunking noises like a badly tuned windchime every time we walked past it.
The thought behind it was that I wanted to make a chandelier. Something large and pretty but out of ‘rubbish’… Plastic cups and old tuperware lids which I found at tip shops and in the bottom of my cupboard.
The ‘base’ for the chandelier is a large plastic clock I found at the tip shop. It was perfect!
I used wire, odd beads and crystals to give it a bid of bling and sparkle. Then I got 2 four meter strings of battery operated fairy lights so it would light up. The idea was to make it possible to light it when it was hung for exhibition without needing to wire it in.
Here it is in the competition. Hard to see the lights in the bright gallery.
There was one downside… somehow the lights would not set to ‘ON’ but stayed on ‘Blinking’. Not the effect I was after. If truth be told I wanted it to be full of fairy lights… a tangle of them above the clock base and going up towards the ceiling. 
Still, I can’t complain. 
To make the night even more special, the Roadmap Bookcase I had worked so hard to pull together with the guys I work with on the Revamp program won 1st prize in the Amateur Artist category!
These are the same guys I made the footstool repurposed to shelf with. Here is the shelf at the gallery as well.
I was feeling pretty darn good last night!!!!
Wayne and I had other entries. I’d entered my recycled bag (above) and Wayne entered his wire eagle and nest sculpture.
And this cute little bird made of wire is another of Wayne’s creations which was entered.
Well, enough bragging for one post I guess…
Better go deflate my head.
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