its a record!

I figured it was about time to share another project I made for the house instead of all the arty farty stuff I’ve been doing lately.
When Merrill moved to Victoria, she left behind a ton of vinyl LPs which belonged to her mother. As usual my reply to “Do you want these?” was “Yeah. I can do something with those.”
I had no idea what, though I did have visions of melting LPs in the oven to make bowls, cutting them to make LP mosaic’s… and tons of other things.
One thing I never considered was making a side table out of one! Then I saw this photo and I knew I had to do it!
I had the LPs, after all. (Thanks Merrill’s mom).
I had the perfect little base. I think it was originally intented to hold a pot or something. When I found it it was just metal legs.
A bit lot of Liquid Nails and couple of wedges to level it later, here is my LP side table!
Ok. These photos are uninspiring, I just plonked it in front of the little bookcase I put burlap on and snapped away. I could have dressed it up, moved furniture to create a cosy corner, staged the shot… but hey. I was busy! Give me a break!
At least I vacuumed our disgusting carpet.
Which is going this summer!!! See, we need a new wood heater. That means we’ll be needing a new (bigger) hearth so there’ll be carpet lifting involved anyway. May as well go the whole hog and lift carpet from the entire room!
What we’ll find is that about 1/3rd of the living room has old floorboards like the ones in the photos below (yeah, I was shamed into trying to take prettier photos) and that 2/3rds is chipboard flooring.
So, come summer holidays I have a huge job ahead of me. Not only do I have to find the right wood heater for us, but I have to remove a huge living room full of carpet (which will be recycled around the sheds and garden!), I also have to find a new flooring solution.
Ideas are welcome.
Naturally the best alternative is to put down proper floorboards where the chipboard is, remove the vinyl from the bathroom and kitchen and finish the lot.
That’d be nice but expensive.
I could put down more vinyl, good for a house with dogs, easy to clean, yada yada. There are some excellent designs around these days.
Or I could just go the cheap and labour intensive route and paint/stain the floors myself…
I guess I’ll decide once I get the carpet lifted and the new heater in.
 Meanwhile my new LP side table’s been holding paint brushes while I was working on my latest paintings. The plan is to move it next to my armchair so it can hold my coffee cup or my scissors while I work on sewing projects in front of the tv.
‘Cause, doesn’t everyone need a handy little side table to hold scissors?

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