there must be a name for this…

I mean there’s a name for everything these days: OCD, ADHD, Packratting… why not a name for an attraction to old, broken, rusty things.
Why is it that when I see places like this one that my pulse quickens and all I can think of is how I wish I was there, climbing over things, into things, digging around, getting dirty, finding the hidden treasures anyone in their right mind would see as junk?
The best presents I’ve ever gotten were from junk stores. 
An old tool caddy. Some rusty pliers. 
Really, I am a cheap date!
I have to practice serious self restraint to stop myself from visiting every garage sale, every op shop or tip shop. Street markets and country fairs are impossible to resist! Sometimes its only Wayne that stands between me and the uncontrollable desire to hunt through piles of rubbish to find some treasure. Physically. I mean he has to hold me tight and steer me away, while I crane my neck to look behind me at the missed opportunities…
I’m not quite as bad as that TV show, but if I don’t get some intervention soon I might be.
Its been a couple of weeks since I saw the floor in my office. Today I sorted out piles of fabric and stashed it neatly in the cupboard. I have an excuse.
Of course.
I’ve been working on some sewing projects. And I’m planning for a workshop. So I had to have fabric everywhere and boxes full of stuff to take to the workshop.
Today my left brain kicked in and said “Ok right brain, enough with the creativity already. This place is a pit. Time to clear the clutter.”
I didn’t actually get rid of much (heaven forbid!), I’m just re-homing stuff. You know, moving it around so Wayne can’t keep track of it….
Some will go to work for a project or three. Some will go to the workshop for other projects, some will just go sit in the casita till another day comes when I get around to doing something with it.
One of the good things about running workshops is that I’ll be able to give some of the stuff I’ll never ‘get around to’ to others to work on! Two birds with one stone. I still get to work on projects, but they get to go home with someone else.
Kinda like grandkids… You get the joy of spending time with them, but they go home to mom and dad at the end of the day.
Anyway, our week hasn’t been without its dramas.
1. My computer is preparing to die. Not right now, but its coming. Its been coming for a couple of years now. I’ve called in the PC doctor and his prognosis was to make the most of our last moments together cause time is limited.
2. On Friday my netbook failed me. Its not the first time I had trouble booting it up. The PC doc said it was fine, he couldn’t find anything wrong with it. But on Friday it took 30min to boot up.
Not good.
3. You already know the wood heater is on its last legs. The baffle plate has been replaced 3 times since we moved here and that doesn’t stop it from crashing down occasionally. Then a few months ago the air vent jammed and wont unjam. Sure, we could probably have it serviced… but the actual box is cracked at the door. Seems silly to spend money on it. I’ve managed to keep it working properly by fixing it in a very high tech way…  I plugged the hole with aluminium foil.
So we’ll be needing a new wood heater soon. Before next winter in fact.
Now, you’d be right to think that that was three. Bad things come in three’s right? 
Well… maybe cause neither computer has actually turned its toes up yet, they don’t count as 2 bad things. Maybe they count as one combined thing. Maybe. Especially since I’m planning to replace both with a laptop, portable AND faster than the dinosaur I have right now. 
The one that runs on coal.
Yeah. Turns out Murphy had another thing in store for us…. thus we come to #4 on the list of bad things that normally come in threes…
4. On Friday the oven stopped working. 
No warning. I just turned it on, put on the timer, came back to check my apple crumble and found it stone cold.
Yeah, we hate that free standing cooker. Its one of those builder type ones you find in rentals. Plain, small… ok but not great. And the hotplates (electric of course) don’t work all that well. They’re hard to control temperature-wise so you’re either boiling things too hard or too slow. The oven didn’t cook evenly either. I had to turn it on max to preheat, then turn it down or a 40min bake would take 1.5 hours.
Time for a new stove.
And a new wood heater.
And a new computer.
And a winning lottery ticket!
I’m going to go drown my sorrows in a nice hot shower.

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