another day, another market


Its been another long day, another fun day at a market. After this market I’m taking a break.

Till the next one.

Actually, I don’t plan to do another till sometime in the beginning of next year. I need a break. I need to do some housework (though I’ve successfully avoided it for so long I’m not sure I remember how…), I need to groom my own stinky dogs, I need to make more stuff to take to the next market.

I need to finish painting the house…

Here are a few photos. Some of these items I will post about when I get a chance, others are sold and I won’t be able to get more photos of.

Like these two bird prints. They turned out great but I wasn’t able to get photos of them before the market.

A flyscreen bulletin board…


Some bin lid magnet note boards…

Some felt animals… little ornaments… sold and not photographed.

A fun altered art frame…

Some bird wire framed birds…

Wayne came with me this time which was great, he’s always handy to have around to carry things, but he’s also chatty and funny.

My brain is fried right now, we had the work Christmas party last night and got home at 11pm, then got up at 5am.

Hopefully, once things get back to normal I’ll be able to post a bit more. You know, normal. Like only 133 things to do a day without the added pressure of a market to get ready for.

I need some sleep.


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