flyscreen pinboard

This weathered old flyscreen has been hanging around my shed for a while. I can’t remember where I found it, and I had no idea what I’d do with it, but I loved the look of it, especially the metal flyscreen with a few rusty spots and a few small holes.

ie character.

Anyway, while considering what to make of it, my eye fell upon a piece of bulletin board I had… could I make it into a pinboard?
The bulletin board was just the right thickness. I cut it to the right size and popped it into the frame from the ‘front’. I put a piece of plywood on the back to finish it off. 
Now the ‘back’ is the front. You can pin photos or notes onto it, putting the pins through the flyscreen into the bulletn board behind.
I added a bit of wire through the holes already in the frame where the hinges used to be, and it was ready to hang.

I pinned some photos of mom and dad on it for the photos. I’m really enjoying having all these old photos!

I sold this pinboard at the last market to a friend who owns a cafe. Maybe I’ll see it there next time I visit…


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