the pitter patter of little feet

 We’re getting a miniature horse.


You heard me.

Wayne, who always said miniature horses were a waste of space, good for nothing, etc, was the one who decided we were getting a miniature horse.

First, Wayne said we were going to SEE him.


You already know how THAT goes…

Meet Cheeky. At least that’s what he’s been called till now. I’m sure he’ll have a new name soon.

One look and I was in love. He’s so tiny that all I want to do is pull him on my lap and cuddle him.

He wasn’t so keen on that. He hasn’t had much work done. He’s only had a halter on once before and he got it off. I bought him a new one yesterday and Wayne managed to catch him (with a lasso!) and we got it on him.

He wasn’t impressed.

But he needs to get used to being handled. I plan to handle him a LOT. We went up to see him twice today and Wayne worked with him a bit both times. Wayne really is incredible with horses. All animals.

This handsome fellow is his dad. Indy. The sweetest quietest stallion I’ve ever met.

(I’ve never met a stallion before, but he’s quiet, trust me.)

The plan is that little Cheeky has a visit from the vet next week during which he’ll say goodbye to some parts of his anatomy which he won’t need and which he’s probably very attached to, then he’ll be coming to live with us.

Its going to be interesting.

He’s about the same size as Romeo.

I’m so excited! I’ve always loved miniature horses.


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