i’m not perfect

I know, I know. Its a shock. But its true. I’m not perfect.

In fact, I have no idea how those bloggers I follow manage to do so much in their day! They blog every day and have something productive to share every single time.

Its not that I don’t DO things. I do. I make stuff, I re-arrange furniture, I change rooms around… I work at a ‘real job’, groom dogs, try to keep up with the yard work, fight the never-ending battle with cape weed and dirty dishes. And I don’t even have kids. Some of these bloggers have children.

How do they do it? I mean, I can ignore the dogs if they pester me while I’m trying to work. You can’t ignore children. Well, not unless you want child services to visit…

Do they never sleep? Is that it?

See, I have these photos. I took them the other day when the guys were here working.

I just never got around to resizing them and posting them when I blogged. Even though they were relevant to that post.

So in the spirit of sharing, here are the missing pics.

This is the ‘before’ pic of the side of the house. Actually, its a little after ‘before’ as one plant has already been pulled out and a concrete slab has been put down for the hot water cylinder to sit on.

Here is the hot water cylinder, sitting on our front porch. With Barney watching over things.

Here is the hot water cylinder on the slab at the side of the house. A much better spot for it. Out of the way.

Here is the porch minus the hot water cylinder. Much bigger now. With Romeo overseeing things.

Here is the retaining wall on the side of the driveway. 
Here is the retaining wall with the next section started. Wayne worked on this in the hot sun all weekend.
How do you know when Wayne has had enough for the day?
There are always a few things left lying around in the yard… I guess he’s not perfect either.

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