the benchtop question – kitchen update

You know how I said I’d found the perfect timber for the benchtop? I found some tasmanian myrtle in 40mm thick boards. Perfect cause I want a thick benchtop.

Now the thing is, I’m not sure about the colour… Don’t get me wrong, I love the colour of myrtle, I’m just not entirely sure its the colour benchtop I want in my kitchen… Maybe its cause I loved the look of my previous kitchen…

This is sort of what my benchtop would look like in myrtle. More or less. We don’t know how much ‘tiger’ or ‘fiddleback’ it might have in it till we sand it back.

I do like images I’ve seen of kitchens with white walls and cupboards and dark benchtops, but I think I’ve always loved the light wood better I think… and the myrtle benchtops I’ve seen in person are much darker than the myrtle benchtop above.

Here are a couple of photos of myrtle floorboards.

I have no idea why the floorboards are pinker in the top one but not so much in the second one. The point is that myrtle has a pinky/red hue and its a dark wood.

So, do I want that, or do I want the lighter look of tasmanian oak?

Here are some photos of tassie oak.

I love the lighter look of the tassie oak (which is actually eucalyptus). The guy we get our timber from has tons of tassie oak so that’s not an issue, however he doesn’t have boards in the same thickness as the myrtle. I’d have to go with thinner boards and double them up on the edges to give the appearance of a thicker benchtop.
The first time I ever had a solid timber benchtop was in my home in Fentonbury. I loved that kitchen. Here are a couple of photos when I’d finished making it over. You can see the whole kitchen makeover here.

By the way, the floors in my house in Fentonbury were tas oak as well, but they’d been sanded and polished in the kitchen and dining room. In the bedroom I removed carpet in myself I found old floorboards which were worn. I didn’t sand them, just punched in nails and sanded a couple of rough spots, then gave it a few coats of water based polyurethane or whatever its called. They turned out like this. Love them best!

So, what do you think? Help me decide! 
Of course there’s no rush. It’ll be at least 4 weeks before the power cables are moved, at least that long till the new kitchen cabinets are ready and installed… Not to mention that Handyman (who’s making the benchtop) will be out of action due to knee surgery for a while. No doubt he’ll go in for surgery soon as my kitchen is ready for a benchtop. The way things are panning out we’ll have a new kitchen with a jigsaw of old benchtop gaffer taped together for a few months.
I have time to decide.

1 thought on “the benchtop question – kitchen update

  1. JMHO but I like the “character” that shows thru the myrtle wood. the tassie oak seems kind of bland to me. but then I love the look of natural wood with all it's warts showing.


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