the holes in the wall – kitchen update

The kitchen renovation has stalled. I already mentioned this before but haven’t given an update of where we’re at.

Handyman has been here and has been working but he’s been diverted cause we realized that the power points had to be moved before he could finish pine lining the wall. I mean, he could only work on the 2 walls as it was as we’re waiting on the power company to move the power so he can put in the new window before he can pine line the front wall…

Its all about doing things in order.

Usually I realize I’m getting ahead of myself after I’ve already made plans for something, then I have to stop it to backtrack and get something else done first.

And when I say “I” I mean Handyman. I plan, he has to do.

So for over a week now this is what our kitchen wall looks like.

A bit more rustic than I’d like.

Meanwhile, we’ve kept Handyman busy. He’s put the ceiling and insulation in the mud room (I should take pics huh?) And he’s started enclosing the end of the porch as per Wayne’s instructions.

See, when it rains here the rain comes in at an angle and almost everything on the porch gets wet. If its wet and windy simultaneously everything on the porch gets wet. So having part of it enclosed, especially near the door, will provide a bit of protection from the weather. We won’t have to worry about soggy boots this winter.

The windows removed from the kitchen are going into this new enclosed area.

So far only one side has been done. Eventually I’ll be painting this all the same colour as the house so it won’t look this dark.

This could be the right place for my plastic chandelier… though its too long to hang there unless you’re only as tall as Chipmunk.

I wonder if Chipmunk would like a chandelier in his little stable shed? He’s a special boy, he deserves a special home, right?


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