goodbye to some dear friends

I have some dear friends who’ve been there for me through thick and thin, through the good times and the bad… I’m really quite attached to them.
I’m talking about my Blundstone boots.
Tasmanian made, all Australian, tough and comfortable. 
I love them. They’re the first boots I bought after moving to Tasmania in 2003. They’re 10 years old now.
All in all that’s a pretty good run for boots… They’ve been failing for a while now and I’ve been planning to throw them out every time we go to the tip, but somehow I can never bring myself to take that final step.
Sometimes you just have to face facts and admit that its time to let go.

When I had my first litter of standard poodle puppies they chewed off a pull tab so its been hard to get one of the boots on for years.

Then last year something in the vamp seemed to collapse and make them uncomfortable to wear, but I persevered and we got past that hickup.

They have scuff marks from kicking weeds, scratches from having things dropped on them, dints where I used them to prop up doors when screwing in hinges. They have at least 3 different colour paint splotches on them from when I wore them while painting my house in Fentonbury first, then here later…

When the soles gave way I knew it was time to say goodbye.


To make matters worse, the boots I bought for riding are starting to smile. And they’re only about 3 years old and nowhere near as comfortable for all day wear as the blunnies…

On the upside, I can now buy myself a new pair of Blundstones…



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