close encounters of the lion kind


I did something amazing.

I visited Zoodoo with a friend to play with the lion cubs!

It wasn’t cheap, but it was worth it. I justified it to myself by saying its not every day you get to roll around on the grass, hug, kiss and play with two gorgeous 6 month old white lion cubs. Its a once in a lifetime thing!

I mean, here we are, at the start of a very expensive exercise (renovating the kitchen – don’t ask) and I’m spending money on lion cub encounters.

Everyone needs a lion cub kiss at least once in their life.

The park had two 6 month old cubs, Zuri and Araali, and a litter of 3 week old cubs. We had a choice: wait 4 weeks to go play with the baby cubs, or go play with the older ones. I thought big bear hugs with big cubs would be better – more ‘lionlike’.
The cubs were so different. Araali was the quieter, more aloof of the two. Zuri was more playful and a bit devilish. And Araali had mismatched eyes. This is Araali as a baby.

This is Zuri and Araali as a babies.

This is what they look like now.

Just a bit bigger.

This is their dad – Bakari. A gorgeous, huge, white lion.

And their mom, Kiara. Obviously also white.

So much for ‘once in a lifetime’… I want to go again. Soon. I want to work there… I think I’m addicted to lion cubs…

Of course there were other animals and I patted as many of them as I could. Obviously, not this guy…

Or these guys.

Though I’d have loved to pat this baby.

I love these guys!

Apparently they’re trying to get government approval to have encounters with meercats, where you can book to go in and feed them and let them climb all over you. How great would that be! But apparently the Tasmanian government thinks that its safe enough to have an encounter with lion cubs up to 9 months old when they’re bigger than 2 newfoundlands, but its not safe to get in a pen with meercats.

Well, they have been known to maul people to death with their little teeth… Vicious little critters.

I so would love one.

Of course, they have plenty of other, calmer, sweeter animals. Like these wallabies…

and plenty of white wallabies.

But the most dangerous animal of all is this…

Hey, it IS dangerous! Haven’t you seen The Holy Grail with that monster with the big teeth… It was a bunny! I was lucky to escape with my life…

1 thought on “close encounters of the lion kind

  1. So often, your blog causes me to laugh, because of the humour. Today, the humour and laughter is still there, but it made me wish that I too could play and hug a lion cub, or a lion or a lioness, or a wallabie or any creature. What an experience! and a novel way for the zoo to raise money…


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