the best laid plans – kitchen update

The day started off badly.

The car battery was flat cause someone, not naming names, but it starts with ‘W’ and ends in ‘ayne’, left the hazard lights on all night accidentally.

That was bummer #1.

Wayne put the car on the charger.

So we had to take Eduardo to work. That’s the old grey truck held together by rust spots, dints and black plastic where a back window should be (also thanks to someone, I won’t mention names, locking the keys in).

We were already in the city when I realized I’d left the work keys in the Beast (the newer, prettier, though only a little cleaner, truck).

That was bummer #2.

I realized I’d also left my wallet in the car.

That was bummer #3.

When I finished work I didn’t have my car, my audio book and comfy seat and I didn’t have money to go shopping.

That was bummer #4.

I called Wayne, told him he’d have to catch the bus cause I was going home to sand the floor. We could have dinner out when I picked him up from the bus stop. I booked at a local restaurant.

I made plans on the way… George said the kitchen cabinets are ready to put in this weekend (YAY!) so I needed to get the floor done. If I spent an hour on them tonight, then another hour on them tomorrow I should have most of the sanding done before Thursday.

On Thursday I have two dogs to groom in the morning, I could seal the floor, and even give it a second coat before picking up Wayne in the afternoon.

On Friday afternoon when Handyman arrived to patch all the holes in the plaster I could fill holes in the floor.

Then on Saturday or Sunday George would install the cabinets and I’d organise to have the plumbing and electrics connected after that.

I had such great plans… oh how naive I was…

I came home and the first thing I did was go start the car. I would let it run while I sanded.

The car wasn’t having any of that. It was still flat as a tack.

That was bummer #5.

I called roadside assist. I sanded till he arrived. About 15 minutes worth. He started the car up and recommended I take a long drive. I did. I drove for 40 minutes or so. There goes my sanding time.

That was bummer #6.

I got home, turned the car around, stopped outside the gate ready to go out for dinner, then thought “hmm, better test it” and …


It was still flat.

That was bummer #7.

I rolled it down the drive, threw it into second gear…


I rolled a bit further, tried again…


That was bummer #8.

I stopped just before the gate and called roadside assist again. “I need a new battery”.

The wait would be 45min or so. I called the restaurant and cancelled our reservation.

That was bummer #9.

So much for planning. I don’t know why I bother. I almost always get more done when I fly by the seat of my pants anyway!

The guy arrived to change the battery. $186 with the member discount, money I was not planning to spend on a battery.

That was bummer #10.

The restaurant hadn’t given away our table so we managed to have dinner after all.

The opposite of bummer:


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