baby steps – kitchen update

We seem to be progressing, albeit slowly, in our kitchen makeover.

I’m beginning to breath normally again.

This last week I undercoated and did a topcoat of some timber trims, including the moulding for the new kitchen window. Handyman came on Friday and put it in and it looks great!

Yesterday he was here again and he put in the duct for the rangehood including the roof thingy..

and sanded back the patches on the ceiling (plaster dust everywhere…) and helped me rescue a bird from one of the walls of the casita.


The dogs were going bezerk at something in the wall. Romeo was trying to eat the door! I had no choice. I asked Handyman to help me cut a hole in the wall so we could find what was in there and get it out. Save the dogs doing more remodeling down there like they did last time…

I put on gloves, cringing at the thought I’d be finding a rat nest complete with an angry mother rat and her 93 babies… only to find a bird which had gotten in the wall cavity and couldn’t get out.

And a mummified carcass of a bird long gone which had obviously suffered the same fate.

Bird got out safely. The wall lives another day.

Handyman will be back again today to finish the rangehood on the inside – put the ceiling plate in and the rangehood’s stainless cover. He says we can then cook.

I said I refuse to cook till I can wash up properly…

When I’m not walking around in circles wondering where to start and being overwhelmed by all the options of jobs to do, I do occasionally get a few things done.

I sanded back all the wood filler so that once the plastering is finished I can paint both the ceiling and the walls.

I’ve painted the kitchen door (the one from the entry/pantry area) a colour I got a sample of cause I loved it on the swatch. Its called Caramel Craving… whats not to like about that?

Turns out its not quite as yummy on a full door. I’m afraid Wayne will call it ‘duck sh#@!t yellow’ – one of his favourite colours (not). His opinion is that they must have had a huge sale on that murky mustardy yellow colour a few years ago cause so many houses around here are painted in it.

Well… on paper its the same colour as the stove, only in a much darker tint. We’ll see how it looks once the door is in. Its only paint after all!

Meanwhile I did a few small jobs that needed finishing. Cleaned out the workshop area. Mended a broken drawer in the coffee table. Did a bit of potting. Sorted out some things to be burned or thrown out.

There’s work to do today. The sun is showing through the clouds occasionally… maybe I can finish that fascia today and never have to worry about it again.



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