memory lane

Used to be I made all my own cards – for Christmas, birthday, moving, everything. Used to be I made them for others as well.

The other day while sorting out some filing (over a year’s worth which had piled up in a box in a forgotten corner of the office) I found my moving card from when I  bought my house in Melbourne.

This is the house in Melbourne.

It was gorgeous. An original 50s style place with a deco entrance, set way back from the road on a huge block which was subdivided to build units on either side of the old house.

This is the moving card when I bought the house with my then partner.

I had such fun making it.

I should take the time to search for and share both that house makeover (I have recorded most of it in photos in an album) and the cards I’ve made over the years. You might enjoy seeing them and I would enjoy revisiting the memories they conjure.

Like everything else, its a huge job. Finding, sorting, scanning photos.

Worth it though I think…

Stay tuned for some more recent before and afters at Wind Dancer Farm. I’ve been spending some time recently looking at how much the place has changed since we’ve lived here and decided to go ahead and share some of the changes, whether big or small, finished or not. More to remind myself to keep my chin up. Its happening, even if its not perfect… yet.


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