pom pom suite – more art from trash

This is another entry in the Art From Trash Exhibition. This time its a collaborative piece (or pieces) made at work.
I work on different programs at work, and we try to enter interesting things in competitions when we can. This suite is something that took us almost a year to pull together.
The concept was inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest of a chair covered in coloured pom poms. I found two old plastic fabric covered chairs at the tip shop which were perfect for our project. I had the broken stool legs at home, as well as a shallow tray/box from previous tip shop explorations. 
With the help of a couple of ladies at work, we sanded off rust and spray painted all the metal work glossy black. And cleaned up the chairs.
A whole lot of ladies helped make the billions of pom poms needed to cover the chairs. These were stitched into the chair upholstery to create very comfy padded seats.
We made heaps of tiny pom poms using the fork method I saw at Eclectically Vintage. These we put into the table top box, which we attached to the stool legs. I had a thick piece of perspex cut to size for the top, which is held on by screws.
We created a fun little sitting arrangement.
To finish off the ‘suite’ I made this chandelier at home using an old lamp shade stripped off its original covering, some fancy wool and more pom poms.

I love how it worked out. So soft and feminine. Here’s Montana keeping an eye on things. She agrees, though I think she wanted to eat the pom poms.

In the spirit of entries being made of ‘trash’, we made the whole suite out of things people had mostly discarded. The chairs, table and lamp shade all came from the tip shop. The light fitting in the chandelier came from a 2nd hand lamp I bought to revamp. The wool was mostly from op shops or donated (I ran an ad on gumtree.com asking for white wool and a really nice guy actually sent some!).
I just love making things out of ‘nothing’ and the guys at work love seeing what they helped create being exhibited and admired.
Who doesn’t?

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