cabinet door chalkboards

Once upon a time I had an old footlocker/wardrobe base which went with the wardrobe Wayne brought with him when we moved in together. Our ceilings in the bedrooms are too low for us to use this as intended (as a base for the wardrobe) so it sat on the front porch for a couple of years as a kind of ‘hold all’ for anything we weren’t sure what to do with.

Since it didn’t have a proper top, I did a mosaic on it so it would look pretty on the porch while it held Wayne’s boots. I had five old, crazed, oblong tiles and a ton of plain white ones. I used the green tiles (funny, guess I was always attracted to that colour!) in a staggered pattern with the white around them. I colour matched the green tiles and did one coat in that, then topped it with white which I distressed to show the green through.


Wayne made spoon handles and a wire closer for the doors (not pictured, sorry).

When I had to move back to my old house in Fentonbury for a while, it made an appearance there…

but it spent the majority of its life on our porch outside the mud room. Here it is in its prime, before the accumulation of crap useful items seeking a permanent home began to accumulate.

Then Wayne started using the cabinet as a bench and sat on the corner while pulling on boots, breaking the chipboard top… pieces of tile everywhere… It wasn’t worth salvaging so I did what any reasonable person would do, I kept the doors and chucked the rest out.

In fact, its still in the junk pile waiting to be taken to the tip…

The doors became my first experiment with milk paint.

I bent the spoons a little more to make them into chalk holders.

I do like the textured effect of the milk paint, but I can’t say I’m a convert…

All in all, I’d say the latest incarnation of the (leftover bits of) cabinet have turned out ok.


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