farm fresh

This is a little project I did a couple of weeks ago in another burst of inspiration I didn’t ignore. I mean, if you just sit down and wait, it passes and you can continue to just be lazy.

But while organising the pantry, I decided it was high time I put the baskets I bought off ebay to use. See, I bought these little beauties cheap on ebay (and paid way too much for postage) so I could keep onions and potatos in style.

Problem is, I had nowhere to put them!

You’d think the perfect spot would be in the dark and gloomy entry, near the pantry. But there’s absolutely nowhere to put them in there. Not enough room on the wall near the door, behind the door won’t work, alongside the wall where the fridge is just interferes with the door opening… Its already so squishy in there you can’t have one person at the fridge while another is trying to get in or out of the house.

So what do do?

Well, I decided that the only spot I could conceivably put them as on the side of the kitchen cupboard. But no way was I going to put hooks onto that!

I measured the side of the cupboard and went out to the casita for a scrounge. Sure enough, I had the perfect thing. This was a narrow door off something I picked up from somewhere sometime long ago.

I put one of those galvanised shed hooks (for brooms and gardening tools) on the back and just hooked it over the side of the cupboard. Perfect.

Excuse my blurry photos. Taking photos inside is always dodgey without proper lighting. I have proper lighting… I’m just too lazy to get it!

I did have to do some cleaning, some sanding, remove the rotted support slats on the back and replace them with new ones… and paint a sign.

It might have been easier to just make the thing from scratch with pallet wood… but it wouldn’t have that “I just got saved from the rubbish pile” look to it.

Its kinda funny too, cause today I saw this project by Denise On A Whim… we seem to have had similar inspiration on our signs. Of course her writing is much neater than mine.

Unfortunately I couldn’t leave the baskets ‘au naturel’ because the bird wire has spikey rough edges. I can just see reaching in for an onion (smaller, top basket) or potato (bigger, lower basket) and ripping your hand to shreds.

Or more like Wayne reaching in and ripping his hand to shreds.

So I lined the baskets with a table napkin (top) and a flour sack (bottom). I guess that’s better anyway cause it keeps the contents in the dark. Dark is good for potatos and onions…


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