nothing to share

Here’s gratuitous photo of the horses lining up along the top fence, for no reason in particular. They’re looking pretty darn good right now. Losing their winter coat and looking sleek. Every time you go near them lately you get enveloped in a cloud of horse hair, but its getting better. Except Chipmunk. He’s still a hairy little monster cause he doesn’t enjoy grooming. I’ll get him though…

It dawned on me many times over the last few days that I haven’t posted for a while.

I’ve been busy doing stuff that isn’t worth bragging about sharing. Things like working, doing washing, some work in the garden… I did do a trash and treasure market with a friend on the weekend which was barely successful. Eh. Live and learn. I do way better with my craft markets.

I’ve also been busy painting for two art competitions. More on that later.

And this weekend I’m off to the Poodle Championship Show in Melbourne. I’ll be grooming my fingers to the bone prepping 7 poodles and enjoying the smell of hairspray in the morning.

I’ve missed playing with long poodle hair!


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