new year, new resolutions?

Its been a quiet day in Lake Wobegon at Wind Dancer Farm. I know its the beginning of a new year and all that, but really, its just another day for us.
I got up this morning and brushcut the lawn since our mower is broken (great). And soon I’ll be going outside to attempt more house painting despite the wind. My resolution is to finish painting the house before I need to start re-painting it.
I spent the last couple of days painting my decorative brackets, figuring out how to attach them to the porch posts and pre-drilling them. They’re now ready to go up. If my right arm can manage it, I’ll put them up today. I own a very heavy drill and have a dodgey elbow and wrist…
It’ll be nice to have the porch finished. Wayne got annoyed with all my junk on the porch a few weeks ago and did a huge clean up. It looks great now (or will once I finish painting and can pick up drop sheets, ladders and paint buckets), but my workshop is full of the crap I had ‘resting’ on the porch. 
At least the front of the house is almost looking gorgeous. The porch facing the back of the house (though its technically the front of the house cause that’s where the front door is… go figure) doesn’t yet have a roof over it and thus no posts to fix brackets to. I haven’t even painted it. Seems silly to paint the rails on that side since I’m planning to redo that part of the porch in the future.
The distant future…
You know what they say? Time flies when you’re having fun. I’ve been resting, relaxing, reading, socializing and trying to get a few things done while I’m on holidays. Hopefully I can cross a few things off my To Do list before I get back to work. And do some creative stuff to share as well!
Hope everyone has a great 2015!

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