blog facelift

Did you notice I’ve made some changes to the blog?

I’ve started to try to be more ‘professional’ with my blog. Firstly I started making my photos bigger (I thought they were big enough, but apparently bigger is better – sorry guys). Then I started watermarking my pics so that if by any chance, someone might want to actually PIN one of my photos on Pinterest, then someone else might see my photo and look at my blog…

Or wonder what the hell a ‘Junk4Joy’ is.

The other change I made is to the layout. Firstly I changed the colour of links. I thought I may have been a bit too subtle before.

That’s me.


Just like my grandmother who could blow out your eardrums when she used her ‘inside voice’ in a car.

Lastly, I made the blog wider all over, so that the text part would fit the newer/bigger photo format.

So, what do you think? Do the longer lines make it harder to read? Or is it ok? Can you even see a difference?

I do like the bigger photos. I notice how much I dislike small photos on other blogs now.

Other than that, all is well. Back at work and back to coming home tired and not doing as much as I would like. Basically I just watch, get online and blob.

Yes, I do mean blob.

Except for tonight, when I’m blogging not blobbing.

That is till I hit Publish. Then its back to blobbing and watching tv for a while.


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