cleaning up or messing up?

You know how I started cleaning out the casita?
Well, the job has defeated me.
Or at least, its giving my confidence a good thrashing…
I started out with a mess and I thought I was making some progress. Instead I now have a bigger mess in more rooms than I had to start with.
I know that its always darkest before the dawn (or messier before its organised) but man… this is seriously harder than I thought. 
I thought I’d have it finished this weekend. Now I’m thinking it might be the middle of 2016 before I’m done.
Meanwhile, Romeo decided to do some of his own organising. He decided it was time to remodel the dog pillows.

And here is the proud Romeo with his handiwork.

He even decided to just take bites out of the foam on this  pillow. Just picturing him doing this makes me laugh.

I think he was just trying to lift my spirits. Cause of course, coming inside after digging myself out from under 107 cardboard boxes to find foam and stuffing all over the floor in the living room is just what I needed to lift my spirits!

At least he was determined, he had a goal and he worked hard to achieve it.

I should take a leaf out of his book (or stuffing out of his pillow) and keep going on my clean up and organising.

It will get better.

One day I’ll finish.

Then I can start messing it up again.


1 thought on “cleaning up or messing up?

  1. Awww…just like little kids! You can't be too angry with them, because they were having FUN. I guess you will have to figure out how to prevent it. Not easy, I'm sure. I am not a dog person, but the cats tend to get into trouble. Probably not as much, though. Probably because they are just smaller and seemingly less interested. But, they do get into trouble. Don't let the casita discourage you. Take a break, and go back to it when you feel a little stronger. I really can't provide too much advice right now. You'll never guess what I did. I completed the area I showed on part 2 of the Heap of Change Challenge, so I came around the corner. I sorted out some paper I use for card-making and got it organized. Then, I had to put some 12×12 paper where it belongs. Then, it hit me! I wanted to make cards! I have not wanted to make a card in over a year. And, out of the blue, it hit me! So, I did what any idiot would have done…I got out my paper-cutting supplies, rubber stamp sets and ink pads. And, I cleared the table and set about to make cards. It feels good. And, I will continue to make cards until I don't feel like doing it any more. I have decided to change direction and go counterclockwise instead of clockwise. This way, I will come to my card-making area last. Gotta roll with the punches! So, I will play, and I will work. Have a wonderful day!


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