some good finds i shouldn’t have been looking for

I was naughty.

I went to an auction.

I couldn’t stay at the auction cause I had to go to work, but I wandered around and peeked into boxes and touched stuff.

Then, despite knowing that I shouldn’t, I put in a couple of absentee bids. Ok. Four. I put in four of them.

I ended up getting 2 items.

One was this gorgeous sign, which I love.

I did some googling. Haywood’s was one of the first large bakeries in Tasmania in the 1870s. Apparently by the 1930s they were claiming to be Tasmania’s largest bakery. I’ve always loved old signs, but at prices of $400 plus, I can’t afford them. I saw this same sign listed on Gumtree for $400 a while ago. I got it for much less than that.

I’m happy.

Its just resting up above the small window in the casita right now, but when I get the chance I’ll be fixing it to the wall properly.

The other item I got was a box of ‘sundry collectables’. Well, it was a whole lot of metal odds and ends. And you know I love metal crap.

Here are some awful blurry photos of my crap. Two very grimey bread tins with some odds and ends in them including metal sink plugs, a spigot, a clamp, some wierd tools… and a gauge who’s numbers move when you move it. I’m sure it’ll come in handy one day.

There was a plastic bucket so beaten up it was impossible to tell what it was made of, full of castor wheels. Some small brackets, what is apparently a pea sheller in the perfect colour for my kitchen, a funny clamp thing I have no idea what for…

This image is a bit clearer… You can see the wierd clamp thing near the tiny strainer. Any ideas what it might be? Its brass.

There’s a funny strainer which I’ll add to my strainer collection. And 2 brass wall mounted candle holders. If I and figure out a way to attach jars with tea lights to them that’s what I’ll use them for I think.

Or I guess they could be used to hold necklaces or scarves… And more mismatched coat hooks. You can never have too many of those.
There were a couple of other metal items of indistinct usage, not included in the pics cause I’d taken them to Wayne for his input.
Lastly in the box was a ‘book’ titled How to Improve Your Bowling by Hugh R. High.

And inside is a lovely old glass flask with two shot cups.

So cute. 
Its in the bookcase now for reading emergencies.

5 thoughts on “some good finds i shouldn’t have been looking for

  1. It looks like it should hold music – maybe attach to an instrument, for a marching band situation. At least that what it reminds me of from my school days. Ranee (MN)


  2. Signs do cost quite a bit. I'm glad you got one. It will be fun for you to see it around the house. And, the box of doo-dads. My favorite is the spigot handle. I just got the funny joke about the name for the How to Improve Your Bowling novelty. You Are High!!! What a fun item! I have yet to go to an auction. Maybe soon.


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