small things big impact – a new dog bed

Day 2 – less dog hair on the couch

There’s one thing I just can’t stand. Dog hair. (Or cat hair but I don’t have a cat, mainly cause of the hair.)
That’s why I have poodles. They don’t shed. Or smell. They’re the best that way.
So, after making the catastrophic decision to wash the couch cover and living room throws in our washing machine a few weeks ago, I decided it was time Barney had his own bed.
Let me explain: for ages I’ve been washing all our couch covers and throws at the laundromat cause our washing machine doesn’t handle scunge well. You know what scunge is? Its the hair and lint that collects in washing machines only to be deposited on the next load of washing you do, especially the dark items. 
Last time I had to wash the covers I chucked them into the washing machine thinking “how bad can it be?”
Took me 4 wash the washing machine cycles to clean that sucker out. Turns out vinegar and bi-carb in together works, I finally got it as clean as it’ll get.
So, having this new Barney bed is great. Barney has his own spot, he doesn’t have to jump up on his arthritic little legs, and the couch no longer smells of stinky dog while covered in dog hair.
One small step towards a cleaner home.

Meanwhile the poodles continue to enjoy the couch. All they give the couch is dirt and the occasional stick from the garden. No doggy smells, no hair.
Don’t they look cute? Like bookends. Montana on the left, Romeo on the right.

Here are two puppies from one of my litters. Astra on the left and Zeus on the right. They own that couch!


3 thoughts on “small things big impact – a new dog bed

  1. I didn't know you had so many poodles! And a non-poodle, too! We have cats who gack all over the place — not usually on the furniture, thank goodness. Cats are pretty clean and non-smelly, too. That's only ONE reason why we don't have a dog. Nothing against OTHER people's dogs,of course. I surely understand how people can love their animals!


  2. I only have two poodles. Astra and Zeus live in Queensland but their parents are nice enough to send me photos frequently.

    I used to breed and show poodles. I no longer breed but I still go to the mainland to help friends show their dogs. Guess I'm addicted to the hairspray! LOL Truthfully, I love the scissoring and shaping, then presenting poodles for the show ring.

    I miss it, but not enough to want to show again. I dislike the show world, especially in Tasmania, and I no longer have the time or money to spend travelling around. If I still lived on the mainland I'd probably still show. But to show a dog down here means almost nothing. You really need to compete nationally and I can't afford that. Plus with my arthritis I don't think I could do that much brushing on a regular basis any more.

    Visit my poodle website. I keep it up though I no longer have much new stuff to share. Guess I should revamp it somehow… One day…


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