small things big impact – home sweet home

Day 9 – Home sweet home

Of course, while doing making small changes which make a big difference, I couldn’t resist the new outdoor elves.

Firstly, I repainted the small shelf outside the house the same colour as the house and distressed it a bit to show the dark grey beneath.

Then I relocated the concrete HOME sign which I’d bought at Kmart a while ago from.

It looks really nice against the rusty tin cans, and its nice to see as you walk up to the steps.

Next I couldn’t resist adding some ‘junk’ to large shelf under the kitchen window.

You know the definition of junk, right?

Anyway…. I added some junk to the shelf. Cause I love having interesting things to look at. And there were a ton of holes in the shelf back anyway… it was asking for it!

I love it when I visit someone’s home and they have things to look at – little surprises in the garden, clever things on walls, interesting things in the house. Its like an adventure exploring homes like that.
I want that here, not just for visiting explorers, but for myself. It gives me joy to look at stuff I love, and having it out on walls or under shelves means its visible to enjoy, and not stored in boxes taking up space in the shed.

1 thought on “small things big impact – home sweet home

  1. Yep! This was tucked away in the recesses of my in-box also! I love all of the little things you have dangled from the shelf — especially the tiny blue bird and the wire heart. (You have such fun with wire!) We have a fairly protected patio that I hope to decorate this spring/summer. First, I must have a yard sale and get rid of many things so I can put other things in the garage where they belong!


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