a little change in the bedroom

I’ve stopped counting – new bed linen for our bed

I finally managed to put one of the new doona covers on the bed this weekend. I ordered this and another online, they were on sale for $35 each… that’s incredibly cheap. How can a girl resist that sort of sale?

This last pic is probably more correct colour-wise, though I guess it also will depend on your monitor.

Our bedroom has a personality disorder… dark and masculine in some parts, feminine and white in others…

And its all my fault.

Our bedroom walls are a medium blue, a really nice colour and very relaxing. The curtains are dark brown and blue, the bed and bedside tables are dark brown in a country style. They came with Wayne, and somehow seemed more suited to us as a couple than my lighter coloured timber (and lighter style) bed which is in the guest room.

I loved Wayne’s chunky bed, though I’m not overly fond of the bedside tables. I also loved his dark brown bedding so I decided to go with that colour scheme: blue and brown. Its a more masculine room, but comfy and warm.

I hated the plain pine wardrobe and chests of drawers so I painted those antique white. Thus we have a room which is Wayne on one side and Zefi on the other. The bed side is all dark wood and Wayne’s american indian stuff, the other side is all antique white chests and wardrobe with family photos and knicknacks.

One day I’d love a white on white bedroom but it won’t be happening any time soon. I’m not up to repainting the big bed or bedsides and ain’t no way we’re buying new furniture right now. Its either make/recycle/revamp things we have or I find at a tip shop or live with what we have.

Frankly, given its taken me years to paint the chests of drawers and I’ve dragged on the wardrobe makeover for months now… its doesn’t look promising.

So I make do with small changes, like a new doona cover.


2 thoughts on “a little change in the bedroom

  1. I like your bed style. Katie and I were looking at that style many years ago, but we lacked the money. After her mom died, we got hers. It has 4 very tall posters {I think that's what they're called anyway}. There are 4 “sticks” to connect them, but we don't use that part. Why? I don't know! Before that, we just had a platform to keep the bed off the floor. Before that, the box spring WAS on the floor. Katie didn't like it that way, though. I had my bed like that for years and years and years. Oh, the things we give up for those we love! For our bedside tables, we have non-matching small chests of drawers. Katie's has drawers all the way down, and mine has two drawers then some spindly legs that go below those. Hers is brown wood, and mine is sloppy white paint that I didn't do. When we finally get a house, I will probably paint them both, but probably not matchy-matchy and decorate the whole bedroom, curtains and everything! Renting is getting on my nerves! Still keeping our fingers crossed for a full-time job for Katie! Her recent interview in Virginia (and a 48-hour vacation for us) hasn't panned out yet. My fingers are still crossed. She has given up on them. It's been 2 weeks. Sigh…


  2. Good luck on the job front. Its not easy. I've been lucky, I haven't rented for many many years and have gone through so many changes in bedroom furniture. For years I had futons, now I need a little softness in my mattress! LOL


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