a poodle love affair and bed hopping

Its never been a secret that I love my poodles. In fact, if you know me at all, you know all about how I love my poodles.

They make me smile when I come home at the end of a day at work. The feel of their coats under my fingers comforts me and even when they do naughty things I can’t be angry at them. They are my family.

There’s just something really special about poodles. Of all sizes. Standard poodles are more dog to hug, miniature poodles are big enough to carry and a good armful to hug, and toy poodles are great value cause you can fit more of them on your lap.
Really, they’re just the perfect dogs.

But enough gushing. I wanted to share about the bed hopping that’s been going on around here lately.

The canine bed hopping, I mean. Don’t get too excited.

Here is Romeo in Barney’s small bed.

Here is Romeo in the bigger bed.

Here is Montana on the couch.

And here is Barney in his own bed.

On the weekend I made some new covers for the pillows that are in the dog beds. Cause I didn’t just buy dog beds… I bought extra soft and squishy pillows to go into them. I needed new covers for them so I can change them and wash them. Especially stinky Barney’s pillow. (He’s not a poodle and thus both sheds AND smells!)
I got a flanelette sheet from an op shop with little cars on it, perfect for a little boy dog, and I had the purple sheep flanelette in my fabric stash. I was able to make 3 new covers, but had to use a piece of and old sheet in purple ones as the turn over bit… You know what I mean. I make these covers just like regular pillow slips with a folded-in side to hold the pillow in place. I actually love the contrast.
Anyway, before I go, here’s another, gratuitous, picture of a poodle.

2 thoughts on “a poodle love affair and bed hopping

  1. That's funny that you are making pillows for their beds…Ever since I started cleaning out the studio, the cats have needed more places where they can curl up. (I moved out what they were using as beds.) It won't be anything fancy! I got a cardboard pallet-like item. It's cardboard, small, with short sides. I was thinking I would look for a pillow at the thrift store and sew up a cover for it. Just something soft our kittie visitors could use.

    I am by no means a dog person, but I understand how someone can love them. The fur on the poodles look pretty luscious. I might be willing to touch their fur if I come across one! When we go to the pet store to pick up food and litter, invariably we see dogs with their owners. Katie always asks to pet their dogs, because I insist we will never have one. They require more work than I am willing or able to do. Hopefully, she gets her fix this way.


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