wardrobe makeover

I had mentioned in a previous post somewhere that our bedroom has a split personality. Today I’ll share how I’ve frenchified a plain (ugly) pine wardrobe to contribute to the french provincial/white/shabby half of the bedroom’s personality.
This is what the ugly wardrobe looked like before.

So, I found these fancy appliques on ebay.

I did the usual:  removed the doors, sanded back them back a bit, glued the appliques on the doors and undercoated them.

I painted the entire wardrobe a creamy white (same colour I used on the dressers I updated here and here). I scrounged through my collection of knobs and handles and found some cute little rusty ring pulls…
That’s when things started going downhill.
Did I mention I started this makeover before Christmas?

So… after putting the doors back on the wardrobe, and the handles on the doors, I did a little extra sanding and then rubbed spots of the wardrobe with watered down burnt sienna paint to give it that old patina.
I hated it.
So I repainted it.
And re-sanded it, just enough to show a tiny bit of the grimy-ness left by the burnt sienna. 
Then I waxed it with clear wax, just cause I like the satiny feel.
But there was more to do. It still looked plain and ugly, like someone had just stuck a couple of decorative bits on an ugly old pine wardrobe and painted it white.
Which is pretty much what it was, really.
I wanted a more “armoire” look, so I designed a top for it. I did this by measuring the top of the wardrobe, re-measuring it, then drawing half of my design on a folded piece of paper, cutting it out, unfolding it and tracing it on a piece of pine.
I used my new, more controlled skills on the jigsaw, to cut it out. I only stuffed up a little bit on the top middle bit… the most important bit… but hey, I won’t point it out and maybe you won’t notice it…

I used my mini router to give the edges a bit of curve. I had to brace the corners to join it together, and I had to provide extra little bits (you can see those on the sides) to screw onto the wardrobe top.
Hey, I make this stuff up as I go along! If you’re after professional how-to’s you’re on the wrong blog!
Here it is on top of the wardrobe (minus the doors. Again.).

Yup. You noticed.
I sure did. 
After I put it on the wardrobe.
The top was too long.
Not by a smidge… by a whole lotta smidges.
And I measured it more than once!
This is why I’m not a carpenter. And why I make wierd things, cause I have to. I have to find ways to fix my mistakes!

I bought some concave trim. Naturally, my overhang was too big for the smaller trim, too small for the next one up.
I opted for the bigger one, cut to length (almost length… I cut them a bit short… it never ends).

I was left with gaps. No problem. I know how to fill gaps!

Ok, so its not perfect, but its still a lot prettier to look at than what I’d been looking at for the last 4.5 years.

I also changed the handles. The rusty rings weren’t working for me. I found these old bronze handles in my collection and they’re perfect.

So here is that side of the bedroom, with the bin chandelier and the wardrobe. The mirror sits on the floor behind the door cause its just too heavy and I don’t want to put it inside a wardrobe door and stuff up the hinges. I think I may have done that already with all the doors on and off so many times…

At least I can now cross ‘finish the wardrobe’ off my To Do List. It was becoming a permanent fixture there.

3 thoughts on “wardrobe makeover

  1. Love it! The top part and the appliques add so much character. It turned out nicely. The kind of mistakes you made probably keep me from building/enhancing my own stuff! I should just dive in.


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