we got one of them there run-amoks

Yep. We got a new truck. Well, new to us.

Its a VW Amarok.

Pretty cool.

Wayne is one of those ‘trade a car in before it gets too old and while its still worth something as a trade-in’ people.

I’m one of those ‘buy a car, own it and drive it till it stops’ people. Not really. But then again I’d never consciously made a decision to trade in a car in order to upgrade to something newer before.

Anyway, we started discussing the idea of trading in and upgrading our Mazda BT50 to a newer model truck… sometime in the future…

We weren’t in a rush. The Mazda was 8 years old by now. We got it as a 5 year old car. I only had 2 more years left on the carloan… I was in no rush to start over, for sure.

We’d been looking at trucks on the road and giving them points out of ten for style and looks. And we were gathering info on their performance and features from wherever we could find them. We were considering looking at a later model BT50, an Isuzu Dmax and the Amarok.

I loved my BT50 so we had that at the top of the list and one of Wayne’s sons owns an Amarok and is really happy with it, so it was up there too. Plus I love the chunky design.

Then we made the fatal mistake of stopping to have a look at trucks at a local car dealer. The one we bought the BT50 from incidentally.

We went in ‘to look’ and came out 4 hours later with a car.

Ok, not exactly, but every time we made a move to leave saying ‘we’re just looking’ we were kind of steered back in like a bugs caught in a spider web. Or being drawn to the light…

Whatever. Its done. My beloved BT50 is gone and I have another truck and guess what? I love it!

We got a good deal, its a 2013 model and we got it with a canopy and tow bar for a good price. Plus I can now say I drive a Run Amok!


1 thought on “we got one of them there run-amoks

  1. Katie and I are one of those who will drive a car until it is dead and never able to be revived again. My Honda Accord just flipped over 170,000, and her Saturn is around that. The Honda was given to us after Katie's mom died many years ago. I figure we are in the “reverse payment” stage — paying for the larger repairs to keep it running for a few more years (or months ?). We paid cash for Katie's, so it has always been in the “reverse payment” stage. Our cars have been good to us, and we maintain their up-keep — oil changes, tune-ups, etc. But, recently mine had to have several gaskets because it was leaking oil ($1500). It shouldn't leak until it dies. We haven't bought tires in a good long time…making a mental note to check on those! Katie's air conditioner went out a couple of months ago. Simple solution – drive the Honda!!! Air conditioning would have cost about $2500, so we weren't willing to go there! I love your new-to-you truck, and it looks like one I wouldn't mind having for myself. Our next vehicle will need to be able to haul stuff. If I find something large, I don't want to have to rent a truck, which we did recently! (A $19.99 truck rental costs over $55!!! I don't know how they can advertise it as a $19.99 truck rental!!!) Katie has an eye on an SUV-type of vehicle, and I'm thinking pickup truck. As long as it can carry something big, and the gas mileage is fairly good, we'll consider it. I don't drive much, Katie drives to work, and we usually go shopping together. For now, we take the Honda as it's over 90° most days! Take care!


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