you know what really gets my goat?

Its blogs that have videos that just start playing when you open the page.

I mean, I know that the lucky bloggers earn money from advertising appearing on their blog… but really, do we have to have the bloody videos start streaming without wanting them to?

I have this habit of opening a million pages at once. Every time I check my email, I click on all the links to open blogs I follow that have alerted me to new posts.

That means that I’ll be happily clicking away when suddenly some stupid ad will start blaring at me, annoying the crap out of Wayne who’s trying to watch TV or read in peace, as I frantically try to locate the offending video and shut it down.

Sometimes I just shut the page without reading the post cause I’m annoyed.

A lot of time I have my sound turned off, just to avoid this problem. And I don’t think I should have to live without sound cause I enjoy reading blogs who’s advertisers place automatically playing ads on their pages!


Ok, I feel better now.


2 thoughts on “you know what really gets my goat?

  1. Oh, geez…let me join you in complaining. I also like to have scads of tabs open. One time I counted to over 30. It's how my mind works. I'll get to them, I tell myself…and don't. I hate having to track down the offender. I hit “unsubscribe” on those AFTER I tell them why. Just think about all of those people who are trying to sneak a peek at work! No secrets there! The internet…you gotta love it!

    {And, I didn't know you had a goat! {wink wink} Katie's nephew actually shows goats through 4H (I don't know if you know about this organization, but kids, young and old, take care of an animal for a period of time. Then, they go to a fair to show them. Katie's nephew has received Grand Champion and Reserved Grand Champion for his goats. He names his goats like Jerky, and in dried spiced meat, and Kebab, like on a skewer with vegetables roasted on an open fire. When he wins, the goat is given to the sponsor, who paid a certain amount of money for it, who then butchers it for the meat. There are dairy goats, too, but his is for meat.}

    Hope all is well with you, Wayne and the animals!


  2. LOL Glad to see I'm not alone in this… I hate all websites with music when I'm at work! LOL Not so much now, but when I worked in an office on a computer!

    And no, we don't have goats. We did consider it for a bit – but I can't bring myself to eat anything I get to know, so no meat animals here!


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