comfy poodles and where have I been?

Montana keeping Wayne’s seat warm.
Where have I been, you might ask.
Well at least one person asked, but I’ll answer anyway, cause when you start a blog you have this feeling of responsibility to post even when you’re busy or don’t feel like it.
Lately its been a bit of both: being busy and not feeling like it. On the busy bit, well, its spring. Spring is not just the season the garden begins to come to life and you can hear it calling to you, its also the season when daylight savings kicks in and you spend more time outside doing things you put all ’till the weather got better’.

Romeo snoozing till another animal show comes on TV.

Around here the lawn is currently needing mowing twice a week if I want it to look like lawn and not the collection of weeds it really is. But I may have taken care of that. I bought Kamba-M on the recommendation of a friend who said her husband uses it on their lawn and it kills weeds but leaves the lawn alone.

I guess we’ll see. Given we have more weeds than actual lawn I think my mowing problems will soon be a thing of the past and my new problem will be the dust bowl in the front yard.

Montana squeezing into the smallest of the dog beds.

Meanwhile I’ve been working on a few projects. The major one right now is a work art installation we got roped into volunteered to help with. I’ve been making large round spheres with plaster bandage and various size beach balls. Yesterday in an attempt to keep where I’d been with new plaster bandage and where I still needed to go I had this brilliant idea… I’d use food dye to die the water I was dipping the bandage in, thus creating a definite distinction between the old (white) and new (pink) bandage.

I couldn’t find any food colouring though… I probably threw it out… so I used potassium permanganate. Do you know what that is? Well, in the dog world it can be used to stop nails from bleeding when they’re cut too short. Its a disinfectant. It goes a vibrant purple when wet so I haven’t used it in ages, but I still have it. Thing with this stuff is it goes purple but dries yellowish and stains like hell.

I had dark brown hands all day yesterday.

My nails were the worst. The hands are back to normal now, thanks to many many many many washes, but the nails are still looking decidedly jaundiced.

I solved that with some dark grey nail polish.

Live and learn.

Next time I’ll wear gloves.

Other than that, what’s been going on…

Well, I mentioned the garden flowering and crying out for work. Some things are going great. My mexican orange blossom bushes are flowering for the first time since I put them in a few years ago. The yellow banksia roses are flowering on the one stem that avoided the great massacre of last year when I thought I needed to cut them back cause they weren’t flowering. I’ve set them back about 3 years.

There are pink foxgloves coming up everywhere (not necessarily a good thing considering they’re poisonous), forget me nots are popping up everywhere, and I have baby lupins popping up all over the place too! I even have sweet peas where I sure didn’t put them. I love cottage gardens and, by golly by gosh, I’ll have one one day!

I lost two of my gauras, one white and one pink. I lost one pink daisy bush, one lavender and a few other flowers. The potato vine is struggling along after Wayne accidentally broke it while dragging out the sculpture it first grew up on. Its gonna be a hot summer without the shade that provided on the porch.

The frost damaged quite a few of my succulents but most are coming back since I moved them onto the porch. I found this little shop basket at the tip shop a while ago and am using it to hold some of my plants.

When I was at Ikea a few weeks ago I bought two white doona covers for our bed and am now loving the new white look. I’d always been afraid of white as it gets dirty so easy, but I realised that its easier to have white since you can bleach it.

Our bedroom is quite small, it barely fits the wardrobe, two chests of drawers, bed and bedside tables. I love the blue walls but I’m considering white walls. Everywhere in the house. I’ve come full circle. When I was young I wanted plain white walls. Then I wanted anything but white. Now I’m back to white again.

Bedrooms feel restful when they’re a darker colour though. What do you think? All white house including bedroom, or leave it blue as it is?

I have a plan for the bed itself… the bedhead mainly. I guess I’ll reserve decision making on wall colour till I’ve made changes to the bed. One step at a time.

I broke my food processor. It was cheapie from Kmart but I broke it making pastry for spanakopita. Not my usual pastry but a recipe I found online… Just goes to show you should stick to what you know. Anyway, I replaced it. I’m trying out the new one today. I made us milkshakes in the blender and am making ice cream. I’ll let you know how it goes. Maybe even share the recipe if it works out.

With the better weather comes time to move on replacing our old wood heater. I’ve gotten one quote and am waiting for one more for reverse cycle airconditioning. That’ll be exciting. Maybe I’ll actually get through a long hot summer without melting this year.

Oh, and our geese are having babies. Did I mention that Annabelle is sitting on something like 21 eggs? One of which is a duck egg (long story). Well, turns out that her daughter (as yet unnamed) is also sitting on eggs. Its so funny to watch Hank protect Annabelle, he hovers around her when she comes to the dam for a swim and a wash, then herds her back to her eggs while keeping the other boys away from her.

I have no idea what we’re going to do if all the babies hatch. We don’t have room for 5 million geese. Wayne wants more but seriously, 50 will be a bit too many.

As for the duck egg… well, the day I found and counted Annabelle’s eggs Wayne found an egg in the middle of the paddock. It was still warm, kinda like a duck had been walking along and suddenly went “oops, I can’t make it to the nest” and dropped the egg where she was. I took it and put it outside Annabelle’s nest. Next day it was in the nest with the others.

Its going to be so funny when we have one duckling in a flock of geese thinking its a goose. At least the geese protect their young from crows better than ducks do so maybe the little duckling will make it.

So we wait and see.


1 thought on “comfy poodles and where have I been?

  1. I love hearing about your goings on — especially since you're enjoying spring while it has turned fall here. Today is the first day we are considering turning on the heat — just to get the chill off — but we'll probably just suffer through it and hope it gets a little bit warmer!

    We've been in our house about 6 weeks now, and there are still plenty of boxes strewn about! One thing relies on another and another… We took the shelf, pole and supporting boards out of a walk-in closet in order to use it for storing a very large shelf for fabric. As we took out the supporting boards, we damaged the walls (even though we tried very hard not to!), so we have to repair the wall and paint before we can erect the shelf and get the boxes and boxes of fabric and sewing supplies into the closet. Well…that's only one project, and there are so many more!!! Best wishes as your surrounding “spring” into life. It will be fun watching what happens to the duckling in a family of goslings!


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