propeller (fan) light fitting

Time just flies, doesn’t it?

Every day I think about posting on here but something comes up. I think “I’ll do it later, tonight”. Then tonight comes and I’m wiped out and it takes all my energy to change TV channels.

So, given its been two weeks or so since I last posted, I thought I’d better share this project. I finished this weeks ago and just never got around to posting about it.

Not only has it taken me a long time to share this project, its also been a few years in the making. I bought this propeller for Wayne for Christmas ages ago, with the aim of making it into a light. Its been gathering dust in the casita up until a couple of months ago.

I’ve put it in the enclosed part of the porch where I used to have the fry basket light fitting before. I like this one better and it was time for a change anyway.

Please ignore all the electrical cords. We don’t have enough power points and I’ve got extension cords everywhere for the time being.
I’d originally thought I’d put this light over Wayne’s desk, making his office area more industrial… but the living room ceiling isn’t high enough for a large pendant light. I could just see him knocking himself senseless every time he stood up at his desk.
Not to mention this is one heavy sucker. I doubt I could find a beam in the right spot to hang it from in the living room. On the porch I can see the beams! 

When I first got the propeller I had a friend weld a chain to it for hanging. I already had the bits to make the light part so it was just a matter of joining things together and adding a globe. I chose an LED edison bulb for bigger shine. There’s already a light fixture nearby so I put a bayonet end on the cord to plug into the socket.

Funny how the house looks yellow in the photo… I hate pale yellow houses and picked this grey/brown tone to change the look of the house.

I’m loving the new light. It makes me smile every time I walk through the door.


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12 thoughts on “propeller (fan) light fitting

  1. Love the scruffy industrial look, but I don't think our house will take it. We have a long way to go in decorating, so we'll discover that as time goes along, I think!

    This light fixture is great. I love it!

    I'm still plodding along with painting that shelf. The weather had been too humid and/or rainy (I'm doing it on the back patio), then yesterday, I just plain forgot! It happens to the best of us! So, today, it's on the schedule. It's bright and sunny. Katie will probably be sanding some spackling and painting a closet. White. Boring. But necessarily so, because that's where we will store fabric. We don't need another color interfering with our fabric choices.


  2. LOL. I've been working on doors for my converted chest of drawers and I've been doing it in small spurts like you and your shelves. It'll get there eventually! 🙂


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