my new toy

You know I groom dogs, right? Well the other day old faithful, my old GMC rotary tool, bit the dust. 
Yes, I use it to file dogs’ nails.
It just stopped working between foot #2 and foot #3 on a dog.
Not a good time to stop. I still had 6 feet to do. Not all on the same dog, obviously!
So last night on the way home from work, we stopped at the hardware store for a replacement.
I looked at all the rotary tools and loved the size and shape of the Dremel 200 best… Its small, light and easy to hold. And cheap at the same price as the shop brand. Its only two speed but has high RPM.
Wayne came along and said ‘how about that one?’ pointing to the next model up, with variable speed and a few more gizmos, and more expensive… I considered both for a while but without being able to turn them on and give them the noise test, I was going for the smaller, easier to hold one.
Then the salesman said ‘May I suggest something else?’…
And we ended up spending three time as much as but now I have a variable speed Dremel with a flexible shaft and I have both light and easy to hold as well as less noise close to dog’s faces!
I’m happy.
So, other than that, where have I been? 
Well, flat out really. I’m so tired! And I’m overwhelmed which seems to be the normal state for me at least twice a year.
I have so much on my To Do List that even looking at it gives me palpatations. I’m sleepy at 8pm and yet, when I do go to bed, I can’t sleep cause of all the stuff that goes through my mind…
Did I mention my mom is visiting at Christmas?
For the first time ever? Her first trip back to Australia in 22 years? And she’s visiting us here and staying for a week?
Did I mention that its the first time my mother has visited me in my own home? Ever?
So I’m a bit stressed.
And I’m so @#*&#$ busy (and tired!) that I can’t start on the mountains of work I have to do in order to be ready for that visit.
Am I over-reacting?
No way. 
We all know how important it is to get mom’s approval!

1 thought on “my new toy

  1. Dogs take nail grooming so much better than cats (at least it seems so — I've never to clip dog nails)! Our cats think we're killing them every time we try to trim their claws! With a few of them, one of us has to hold them (me) while the other (Katie) clips. If we ever get another cat, manipulating their paws is going to be something we would do every day to get them comfortable with the idea that their life wouldn't be in danger if their paws were handled!!!

    About mom/approval/etc.: There was a time when we were not very good about keeping the house clean. I was embarrassed about it, but was helpless at the time. My mom and step-father were passing through town (they live 600 miles away), and I felt that I would be so judged that I only let my mom (who has a phobia to cats) come over for a little while. Looking back, it was silly. My step-father wouldn't have cared that much, and I should have let him come. We are much better about maintaining our house, and my step-father has since passed away. Now, what's more important: That your house is impeccably clean, or your mother enjoys your company and the wonderful time she will have with you? If she doesn't enjoy your company, I doubt that she would visit you in the first place! People first, Zefi! Relax and know that everything won't be “perfect”, and enjoy your mom! {I realize I don't know your mom at all (or you very well), but I'm hoping that she's coming because she loves you, not to judge you for making unusual choices in your decor! Your mom raised you, and if you make a mistake, isn't that on her? wink wink!} I get to see my mom (brothers, sister-in-law, daughter and her big family) soon, and I can't wait!!! Only 20 days until we leave! We'll be traveling 600 miles and have decided to break our trip up into two days. That would be only about 5-6 hours per day.

    Hang in there!


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