room dividers and general craziness

So how’s it going?

Well, not much in terms of excitement. Sometimes I feel like that hamster on its wheel… running flat out and still in the same place.

I’ve been going through the house and casita and purging to make space for projects and things I want to keep, instead of having everything stacked on top of everything else in every available shed and no space to work.

I’m being ruthless. I look at things now and think “is it worth keeping?”, if not, out it goes. I’ve dedicated the tiny yard beside the casita (formerly known as Stalag 13 and housing roosters) as the To The Tip Site. I have boxes of stuff I’ll donate to the tip shop, and piles of boxes of stuff to sell at a garage sale sometime early next year.

I’m making progress.

As I evaluate stuff I look at quality, usefulness and whether I’m likely to ever really do anything with it. If it doesn’t tick at least one of the criteria it goes to the tip, but not before I’ve removed hinges or handles or whatever I want to keep.

I’ve also done some work on the garden with the help of a friend. The weeds have been whacked, I have some fledgling tomato plants, beans, bells peppers and cucumbers in the vegie garden, some lettuce in a washing machine drum near the kitchen and some more colour in the garden. More tyres have been filled with soil and plants and pine bark mulch has been applied. Its a long way from being a great garden, but I’m getting there.

Inside, there’s still much to do. Mainly cause I got it into my head that I wanted to build a divider/tv unit in the middle of the living room and I wanted to do it now.

A friend said left brain people are never idle as they always have ideas they want to do, and they want to do them now.

I can relate.

So, since my divider/tv unit isn’t ready yet, I thought I’d share some pics which inspired me.

Firstly, I love those 1960s type bookcase dividers which were so common in living rooms of that time. Often they were between the front door and the living area. I also love cube storage units. But the thing is I wanted the divider to hold the TV… so I was looking more at something which was a cross between a credenza:

And a 60s style bookcase:

Or something like this – which is totally gorgeous:

But we have two metal poles in the middle of our living room, so whatever I put there needed to either hide the poles or make them part of the design. Like this: 

Or this (if it wasn’t fixed to a wall):

Better still, like this:
Something which would provide a home for the TV and dvd player, PVR, cds and dvds, etc. but let light through from one end of the room to the other.
Our living room is large and long without too many places you can put a TV. The obvious spot is either the corner it sits in right now or the middle of the room – that way we can still see it from the kitchen while cooking (a big plus in my book!).

I’ve been thinking about this since we moved in here. I hate the poles. They really cut the room in half both visually and literally, and make it hard to decorate. I considered cladding them in timber and then putting shelves between them first, but wasn’t sure that’s what I wanted.

Then I saw this and I liked it:

Here’s another. Its just a cube storage unit clad in rustic timber and made into a credenza. How great is that!

I was thinking I have one tall cube unit with a back… Its mdf, but if I clad it in old timber I’d have both rustic and industrial with the poles…

Then I saw this and all bets were off.

I have a smaller 10 square drawer cd cabinet I bought from Freedom years ago… I could turn it on its side, put legs under it, clad it in old timber and extend it to take up the space between the columns, paint the columns black… I found some black 60s legs, got the screw plates to make them vertical…
Then I changed my mind and decided to make the ‘box’ out of plywood.
I began.
I’ve got the base done… but the legs aren’t strong enough to hold the cd cabinet and its now much wider ‘box’.
So I’m changing my plan. I need different legs. I need to add 1 more full length shelf and a back and varnish it before I can put the TV on it…
And I have a week to get it done. Ugh.

4 thoughts on “room dividers and general craziness

  1. Decisions…Decisions! I love all of those shelves above. I can't wait to see how you've made the shelves. Pictures, please!

    We want/need to fill a wall in the dining area (which we won't be using as a dining room) with bookshelves. We found some at IKEA. It will take three different configurations from the same collection, and it will be just right. The problem is that it costs a lot of money AND it's very expensive to ship. The store is about 3 hours away, but the one shelf unit is too tall/long to fit into our car. So, when my daughter comes to visit in June/July, she will be renting a van for her large family to drive down here. So, an excursion to IKEA will be in order, and we will get our shelves. (Keeping my fingers crossed for coupons, sales and/or discounts!) While she's here, we could even erect them! {I'm not a real do-it-yourselfer like you! I wish I were!} I can't wait!

    If I don't talk to you again before the end of the year, I wish you and Wayne the best for the new year!


  2. I have a wall I'd like to completely cover in bookcases. I also looked at the Ikea Billy bookcases and it was going to be so expensive. So for now I'm just using all the bookcases I have and kind of filling the wall in a mishmash of storage. I hope it looks ok. As for the DIY option – its not that cheap. I've already spent about $200AU on it cause plywood isn't cheap here and I needed legs and screws and paint and polyurethane… It adds up. On the other hand, I'll (hopefully) have something thats perfect for us made to fit in the space. Hopefully… LOL


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