the linen chest finished

You may remember this tallboy makeover from an old post. It started life as a chest of drawers but the drawers kept getting stuck and falling off their sliders. I decided to make it into shelves for linen storage.

This is what it looked like when I shared it back then.

All fine and good till you fill it up with mismatched linen and blankets. Kind of messy looking.

It needed doors. So I made doors. The easy way. Basically I made 2 square frames out of pine, with a bar across the middle. Then I used peg board for the door panels to allow air to circulate and to strengthen the doors.

I even used my router to notch fancy bits out of the bars!

I painted the peg board in chevron type stripes white and the same shade of aqua I used on the holland blind to tie it in together. And to make it more interesting.

The project wasn’t without its delays and ‘oops’ moments. I’d originally measured to have the doors sit outside the walls of the cabinet, but decided that looked awful. And me and numbers ain’t a match made in heaven… That meant I had to trim down the doors so they’d fit inside and I could use simple hinges.

I also changed the knobs to plain black ones. I wasn’t sure the pumpkin knobs were working.

It took months to finish this cabinet. Mainly cause I got sidetracked with other things. In the end I let it sit for weeks just waiting for hinges. But it was worth the wait. I love the way it looks now.

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