tea bag village – a recycled work project

How do you decorate your home for Christmas? I like to do things a little differently. Not the usual kind of stuff in other words. Well… except for candy canes. I love them cause I eat them when they’ve done their decorative dash. This year I used them to bulk up my pitiful collection of Christmas cards. I love email but I mourn the loss of cards at this time of the year. (I never send them myself either!)

You’ve already seen my Christmas tree this year…

So it’ll come as no surprise that I used a recycled tea bag and papier mache project as part of my Christmas decor.

This is a project I worked on at work with one of our participants. I made up little houses out of milk cartons and other small cardboard boxes and he papier mached them in plain white paper.

Once the white paper had dried we covered them with tea bags! I’ve been collecting tea bags for a long time and for this project I soaked them, split them and thew out the tea leaves, then dried them flat. The colours are just amazing.

I did try writing on them but didn’t like it. They’re all plain tea bags now.

Below you can see I used them on each side of the new TV unit and on top of the wood heater.

On the wood heater I wound some fairy lights around them and light them up in the evenings. They look beautiful.

They’ll be going back to work after Christmas to be exhibited next time we have an art show. I just needed to get some nice photos of them and hey, while they were here… I might as well put them to use!


1 thought on “tea bag village – a recycled work project

  1. Best wishes to you two in the new year! I hope the visit with your mom went well. We made the trip to Ohio. My mom was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and I have noticed the effects of that during this visit. Nevertheless, we laughed and carried on. We told stories and laughed some more. I wished we lived closer, but we speak by phone frequently. With all of those who visited, we were able to get a 5-generation photo! Take care!


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