imaginative rustic dog proofing for the garden

Life is back to normal… the holidays are over…

When I got back from Canberra on the weekend, after a week up there with Mom, I was greeted by a couple of surprises.

Firstly, my up till now white hydrangeas are now pink! A very pretty soft pale pink.

It might be cause I gave them hydrangea food, although it said “Blueing agent”, not “Pinking agent”… oh well. They’re pretty.

The second surprise wasn’t as pleasant…

Seems the dogs had been doing some of their own creative gardening…

Its not the first time.

Before Christmas I’d planted some lettuce and spinach in a rusty old washing machine tub and placed it and my basil in a rusty ammo box in part of the garden which the dogs had excavated. I placed a big galvanised watering can and some yellow tractor springs there too. It worked. No more digging and destruction in that spot.

However, other spots needed a dog’s special touch apparently.

This spot above had my first (and favourite) penstemon in it. A dark dark burgundy. It was taller than the lavender. When I got back it was broken. I grabbed anything I could find and filled in the gap to discourage digging.

Ditto above, a little further over where a galvanised mop bucket, a rusty bucket, a terracota pot and a birdcage create deterrents.

And here a geranium in a stainless steel bucket…

I ran out of pots to use as discouragement so I grabbed my old kid’s tricycle. It doesn’t look too bad there… I think I’ll leave it there and let the plants grow around it.

Dogs and gardens isn’t a perfect match. On the other side of the yard I’ve had to use puppy pens as semi-permanent fencing to keep the dogs out of the garden bed. They’ve destroyed that quite a few times. Turns out bunnies live under the casita, what can I say…

So, back to the grind.

It was a terrific Christmas. Having Mom over from Greece was really special. She’s an amazing woman. I can only hope I have half her energy and looks in my mid-80s!

Mom loved Tasmania and our home – she even thought Wayne was okay… heheh

Anyway, it was terrific to spend time with Mom at home, as well as driving around Canberra with her catching up with friends and shopping.

Did I say shopping? Canberra has an IKEA! And Aldi! Well, Aldi isn’t that exciting but let me tell you, their white chocolate is wonderful!

Ok, I’m off to water the garden. Tomorrow is going to be a stinker


1 thought on “imaginative rustic dog proofing for the garden

  1. I'm glad your visit with your mom went well. Mom's are great! I have one myself! I'm glad she approves of Wayne. She should trust your judgement! My mom trusted mine, even when things didn't work out. It took awhile, but I made the best decision when I got Katie! Your mom and mine live too far away, so we need to really enjoy them when we are close!

    As for the dogs digging: Ouch! It would be nice if they knew where they could play and where to stay away! I'm certain you'll figure something out! The tricycle is a cute addition. It shows your playful side, and who can't be a kid every once in while?!!

    {Katie really enjoys the little fox you felted! We talk about it frequently!}


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