new cabinet for the grooming room

New, old, whatever. Its the same thing to me.

Its the new cabinet for my grooming room. Up till recently I had a monstrous pink bookcase/desk combination in that spot. Nothing wrong with it… other than it was pink.

In fact, I gave the pink bookcase to a friend who’s using it as extra storage space in her kitchen. Of course she’ll repaint it.

But for my grooming room, I like this better! It reminds me of a gorgeous old kitchen cabinet thing I had in Melbourne. That one was bigger – 3 cupboards and drawers. And it had etched glass in the top bit. I bought it at the Salvation Army and it was original yellowed white paint with the same fake dark timber doors. I painted the doors pale yellow. left the naturally antiqued white, changed the handles and adored it. Unfortunately when I moved to Tasmania there was nowhere to put it in my new house so I gave it to a friend.

I believe in what goes around comes around. I gave someone something I loved, I got something from someone else.

Now I have this cute little old cabinet for the grooming room. Maybe I’ll repaint it one day. Maybe not. The fact that its smaller and not so PINK means that corner is already brighter.

These photos were taken before I filled the shelves with my myriad tools and potions. The room even looks sort of tidy and organised.

I like it.

The other side (the one I didn’t photograph) is stacked full of stuff I took out of the silver shed…

I cleaned out the silver shed, then filled it right back up with a friend’s stuff.

I’m not good at empty spaces.

Its a character flaw.

The friend who’s stuff I’m storing is the friend who gave me this little cabinet.

What goes around, comes around.


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