my first big love

You got it.
My first big love was David Cassidy.
On the way to the radio station to do our show today* we swung past the community market and I found this in one of the stalls. When I saw it I said “Oh, David Cassidy! I had the hots for him real bad when I was 13!”
To which the stall holder said “And still do!” as I oohed and ahhed at the photos and memories.
I guess he was right. You never do get over your first big love. How can you get over that smile with that one crooked tooth, those long dark eyelashes and those beautiful brown eyes?
I’m guessing never. He set the standard for the type of guy I’m a sucker for: deep brown eyes, long lashes, a mouthful of (big) teeth, with at least a couple of crooked ones in there. Dimples are a bonus but not a requirement.

But get a load of this book! Seriously. I’d have killed for this when I was 13.

“How to make David happy” is just one of the amazing articles in it. I bet the owner of this book read it like a bible and slept with it under her pillow. I know cause that’s what I’d have done….

This one takes the cake: “How David wants you to look”! 

But look at the photo of David in his corduroy trousers that end about half a mile above his ankles and his platform boots.
The seventies really were the era of fashion best forgotten.
This stuff is priceless. Did they do this sort of thing for every teen idol back then? No wonder the guy hit the skids. Who can live up to this sort of marketing!
Anyway, it was a great trip down memory lane, with a bit of nostalgia for the feelings of adoration only a teen can feel for her favourite star.
*I mentioned a radio show. Its been a few weeks now that Wayne and I have been doing a 2 hour show at the local station on Sunday afternoons. Between 12 and 2pm. We play (or should I say *I* play) rockabilly, country, some hillbilly, some country swing, some rhythm and blues, some big band stuff. Pretty much the type of music you can dance to or tap your feet to. The stuff I used to dance to when I lived in Melbourne and used to go dancing 3-4 times a week.
We’re loving it!
Sunday is our day now. We sleep in, have brunch out, do the show, lots of laughs and great music, and then follow up with some coffee in town and perhaps bump into old friends. What a great way to spend a Sunday.
If you aren’t in range of the station (and lets face it, who is outside New Norfolk?) you can catch the show online at the TYGA FM website.
So there!

2 thoughts on “my first big love

  1. You would have died weekly if you watched The Partridge Family. I don't know if you would have seen it, but it was about a musical family combined with a sappy story. Of course, I don't think any of the family members were actually playing their instruments or singing, except David Cassidy. YouTube probably has full episodes if you want to check. Also, David has a brother, Shaun, who also sang and made an album or two. In the show, Susan Dey played one of his sisters, and Danny Bonnaducci played one of the brothers. I've seen both of them in the public eye on occasion. Also “mom”, Shirley something-or-other, has shown up occasionally. Congrats on the having the radio show! It keeps you and Wayne off the streets! Have fun! Fonda


  2. Oh I watched The Partridge Family! LOL I was living in Greece at the time but believe it or not, it was on there! I watched it religiously and I had some Partridge Family albums… I was a fan… 🙂 – I even had a few BOOKS. Did you know they had Mills and Boon type Partrige Family books?


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