the ‘don’t toy with me’ dress

I’m going stir crazy. Yesterday it took me an embarrassingly long time to butter my toast…
I’m eating oatmeal for breakfast ever day cause its easy to make one handed. I got bored of it but its back to oatmeal again. At least I make it nice. You know how you can get all those flavoured instant packs now? I make my own. I still buy the instant packs but I buy plain. I make it with water, then add milk, cinnamon, nutmeg. brown sugar and slivered almonds. yum.
I watched the entire 1-5 seasons of Game of Thrones. Wow.
I’ve gotten square eyes and a couch shaped butt. Can’t wait to get moving and working again. 
Meanwhile I called the hospital… they said they’d contact me with a followup appointment but I hadn’t heard from them. They forgot me… Now I’m waiting for them to follow up. Again.
So, meanwhile, how about I share another wearable art from trash entry made at work in one of my groups!
This one was an easy one.  We bought this tiny sized strapless little black party dress from the tip shop. I think its about a size 8…

Then we chose toys from our collection (we need more toys! please donate your old, broken, unwanted ones!) and put them on the dress using fabric glue. That way the group could do more since their sewing skills aren’t so great.

Even toys are heavy, so I found I had to add straps to keep it up. We made the straps blend in with the dress by extending the toys up on one side.
Here is the finished dress again. Not bad for a bit of discarded stuff.
It’d sure stand out as unique at any party!
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1 thought on “the ‘don’t toy with me’ dress

  1. I love this!!! I just read on another blog that Cracker Jacks {if you haven't heard of them, they are caramel corn and peanuts in a box that had a prize in it} that they no longer have a charm or toy inside. Rats! That's what Cracker Jacks were all about for so, so long. They decided to put a code in the package that allows one to play a baseball game. No Fair!!! I collected the toys, but our family only got Cracker Jacks as a treat, so I don't have very many toys. They put temporary tattoos in them, too, but I didn't like them at all. Toys were more fun! I collect little toys I find here and there, though. Also, I sometimes get tiny toys out of a gumball machine. They aren't as fun as they used to be.

    Take good care of your hand. It sounds like you need some patience…RIGHT NOW!!! Hang in there. Take care…Fonda


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