passing the time not so productively

So, other than pondering the big questions in life (like is DIY worth it) what have I been doing with myself since the circumcised finger incident?

In short: not much.

Today I managed to make the bed almost entirely by myself. I had to call in reinforcements to pull the last corner of the fitted sheet down… But I was able to wrestle the doona into its cover all by myself.

I call that a victory.

Other than that I’ve been doing a lot of computer stuff. My mouse hand works fine.

Things like a heap of pics for my dog grooming:

And some self promotion for the radio show Wayne and I do:

Or, my favourite:

I’ve taken to wrapping my splint in neon coloured vet wrap.

I’ve been bored.

Tomorrow I’ll try to take some photos of projects which have been finished for a while but lack photographic evidence.

Plus, I finished a gift for Wayne’s workshop which I can photograph and share.

I can do that now cause I got batteries for my camera.


2 thoughts on “passing the time not so productively

  1. Poor you! Bored out of your mind. Maybe you can go to the (what do you call it?) tip something-or-other, where you can find raw materials for when your finger is healed. Or, take a walk with the camera. I feel bad for you, and I hope your finger will be better soon. Are you working? Or, are you on leave for a few weeks? Hang in there. I know you miss grooming the dogs, and they probably miss you for their spa days! Deep breath…


  2. I am back at work thankfully cause I ran out of leave and I'm broke. I have still been doing things but I get frustrated looking at all the stuff I can and want to do just sitting there. I'm avoiding tip shops or any kind of shopping right now cause 1. I'm broke and 2. I have 2 sheds full of projects I want to tackle!! i'll get to them eventually. I just finished one I've had waiting for over a year…


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