waterfront property. again.

There’s been rain, bad weather and devastation in South Australia this last week and someone on FB sent me a message saying they hoped we were well. I replied that we had perfect weather – sunny and gorgeous.
I spoke too soon.
It began raining yesterday afternoon and didn’t stop till this afternoon. Lots of water. Strong winds last night, but thankfully only for a short time.
Now, we’re used to a bit of flooding every year, but this is the second time this year and its the worst we’ve ever seen since we moved here.
We have two creeks that run down from the hills behind our place, join together outside our top paddock, then down through both our property and the next door neighbours. These overfill with sand every year (which washes down from properties above us) and break out into our paddocks. Normally, we get a breakout in the same spot just to the right of the proper creek. Today we had a breakout in two more places, further up the creek’s path. 
We could offer white water rafting in our paddocks today!
Lucky we don’t keep any animals in our stockyards!

We’re really getting sick of fixing our driveway down at the gate. We just spent money on that at the end of summer, filling in the ruts and putting in a new culvert. That all washed away today.

The worst of it is that the water doesn’t even go under the bridge where its meant to, it comes out onto the road, washing away huge chunks of it…

Then it rushes down to a low spot and crosses the road. I had trouble crossing that section of road this afternoon, same as at our driveway.

Lots of people had water issues today though. Tons of properties along our road had waterfalls and white water crossing their paddocks.

For the first time ever, however, there was a river in the valley on the lower side of our road. Entire paddocks were under water there.

I spoke to a few neighbours on the road and have decided its time to get the council to be more proactive in this. They were out today digging up blocked culverts but its not enough. They need to do more to sort this problem out. Its not just a property owners problem, its a council problem cause it affects roads and infrastructure.

Anyway. I say we have nothing to lose by getting a mob group together to speak to the council.

I’m a mover and shaker.

Wayne will say I’m a troublemaker.


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