Does anyone remember when my wallet was stolen and my credit cards drummed up to over $1,000 in about three hours? That happened on February 25, 2015.
Well, the fun didn’t stop there it seems.
The thieves also created an Optus phone account. Somehow. Using my driver’s license probably. I got a letter in the mail last night from a collection agence(!!!) saying I owed $1,186!!!!
I called the agency this morning and found out that the account was created in March 2015 and was cancelled March 2016 without a single bill being paid.
But what I don’t get is this:
In all this time, where were the bills and reminders going?
In all this time, why did they not disconnect the phone if no one was making payments? 
What address did the thief give for the account cause I sure didn’t receive ANY bills, letters or communication from Optus at all.
Which brings up another point: if the collection agency found me at my address, what was Optus doing all this time?
So now here I am, once again trying to sort out a mess not of my making.
I’m so angry. I mean, what do you do when someone steals your drivers license? You can cancel your credit cards. You get a new license issued, but what can you do about the old one still out there in some scumbag’s possession? Who knows what else is still lurking out there waiting to bite me in the proverbial?
Seriously. What do you do about this? I’m going to the police station tomorrow. They already caught and charged the scum with credit card fraud. They’ll be interested to know they can now charge them with identity theft too.
I got a letter asking if I wanted to go to their court hearing and/or sue them or whatever. I didn’t. Now I do.
Yeah. I’m angry. And its my blog so I can vent if I want to.
Meanwhile its pouring again.
Time to get onto FB and onto the Garage Sale site and cancel my garage sale. The sponge that is our land won’t dry out.

1 thought on “unbelievable

  1. Oh, Zefi! I don't remember your wallet being stolen, and I feel so bad for you! In the states, we have a way to monitor our credit so we can know quickly if something is not right. I check mine about once a month — I get a reminder. It's called Credit Karma. I don't know if it would work for you, but maybe there is something similar. While I can monitor my credit, it is also a sight to sign up for other credit cards. I don't do that. This company is a good company, according to the Better Business Bureau or something. I've used them for some time. I hope you can find something like that where you live. I don't blame you for venting. Good people are taken advantage of by those who have the smarts to do a real job but prefer to take from others instead. Hang in there. Fonda


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