taps and coat rack

What’s on tap for today you ask?
Well, I tapped into my creative mind and came up with this recycled tap coat rack. You could say I tapped this old pine board into a coat rack.
Luckily I had all these things on tap in the workshop.
Ok, I’ll stop now. 

I love these old garden taps with their patina showing and all. Some are our own old garden taps and some I picked up from here or there, as I do.

I painted the board with chalkboard black paint so you can label the taps for each member of the family if you should so desire. 

Other than showing off my tap coat rack, I don’t have much else to say. You could say I’m all tapped out.
Turns out I had one more left.
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4 thoughts on “taps and coat rack

  1. Groan…The way you use these taps really shows off their design and makes a menial thing seem important. Taps are one of those things we take for granted, so when you display two or more, we notice the similarities and differences. Nice display.


  2. Thanks! I basically drilled holes big enough to screw them onto the board, no glue required. Not easy, but most taps are the same size. I have another tap but it was a different size and I didn't have any spade bits to make the right size hole for it. 🙂


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