recycling christmas

This year I really didn’t feel like doing much for Christmas. I wasn’t going to decorate at all. 
But then, while cleaning the office, I found the Christmas tree I made last year from the sides of an old cot. I’d wrapped it in plastic and left it as it was – with the wire and stars, ready to go. So… well, it was ready to go… I figured I way as well use it.

With one small difference. This year I put fairy lights on it! (’cause I found them while cleaning the pantry!)

I also put it in a different spot this year. Last year it was on the wall over the air conditioning unit where I now have my industrial stencil artwork.

Since I needed it close to a power outlet for the lights, it made sense to put it on top of my pretty antique cabinet.

This spot means you can see it from the kitchen as well which is an added bonus. I love fairy lights and this just makes me smile. I think I might leave it up for a long time… at least till the end of January.

2 thoughts on “recycling christmas

  1. Love your tree, and it was nice that it was put together and ready to go! Can't get much easier than that! I also love your antique cabinet. It's gorgeous. I'm a little envious, not that I need another larger piece of furniture to move around! And the fairy lights. I keep resisting, because I don't know where I would use them. Now, I think I know where I can use them, but I may not be able to find any! Thank you for sharing your tree.


  2. Thank you! I think that tree is a winner. I may never make another tree for the rest of my life, just keep re-jigging this one. 🙂 Please let me know what you're going to do with the fairy lights – if you find them!


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