i picked up a whale

Yeah, yeah, yeah. 
I know.
It’s been ages since I posted. I have the best of intentions, then things happen. I get busy, distracted, lazy, sick, tired, out, whatever. You know… LIFE.
I had meant to post last weekend, or was it the one before that? Wayne and I went out for the day so we wouldn’t be tempted to spend the day working on ‘things’ around the place. We wanted to just ‘be’, spend time together, have lunch out…
We drove up to Oatlands and Ross in Tasmania’s midlands… visited some antique shops, had coffee in Oatlands lunch in Ross. It was a lovely day.
Oatlands is a beautiful town, famous for its working windmill, sandstone buildings and dry stone walls. I could happily live in Oatlands… a fact I mentioned to Wayne a few times on our walk through town.
Ross is a little further north, a little further from Hobart, but just as touristy. I love the old take away shop. 
Wayne told me the story of the Four Corners of Ross. What a great story:

The Four Corners of Ross

The town is centred on the crossroads of Church and Bridge Streets with a field gun from the Boer War and a war memorial as a central part of the intersection. The crossroads area is humorously referred to as the “Four Corners of Ross” with each corner having a label:
Ross also had the best antique store – it went on forever… In one corner we found a suit of armour!
With a cute little reindeer made of wood and real antlers sitting below him. His trusty steed perhaps…?
There were tons of things in that shop that wanted to come home with me, but I was tough. I said no. I had no room, no need, no money. But then I saw this:

Its a whale! A glass and aluminium whale. 
Ribbed glass, hollow with an open mouthed aluminium head. What on earth could this have been used for? Its not an ashtray, there’s nowhere to rest a cigarette. It’s not a sugar dispenser, the mouth is too big. Its not a decanter, it sits on is stomach and won’t hold liquid. The store owner had no idea, so I’m asking you. Has anyone seen anything like this before? If so, what on earth was it used for?

I mean, obviously, apart from looking pretty. Cause it sure does that well.
I love my whale.
Oh and the shop is for sale. 
I was tempted.

I forgot to mention… In Tunbridge, Wayne fell in love with a property. It was empty, the garden was overgrown, the fences in bad need of repair, but it had such character. I think the fact that it was opposite the only pub in town might have helped.


1 thought on “i picked up a whale

  1. Could your whale be used to hold candy or shelled nuts? The contents wouldn't necessarily fall out until it was tipped into your hand. I've seen something that works like that, but I can't remember the shape of it. Oh…it was all one piece — glass It stood erect, and it had a bird's face. The mouth/beak was large, and when you tipped it, the contents fell out. It still looks like your whale might work like that. I know…fill it with candy or nuts and send it to me for testing! What do you think?


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